Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paul Comes Good

"You cannot poison your body into health with drugs, chemo or radiation. 'Health' can only be achieved with healthful living."  -T.C. Fry
Yesterday, while visiting my General Practitioner, I found yet another reason to hold him in high regard. He took the time to explain the likely outcome of my soft tissue lesion. Having previously been told by the surgeon that, in his opinion, surgery could do more harm than good, I have been at a loss to know in which direction to turn. Dr Sales likened my tumour to the body of an optopus. Should that body be removed,  it would still leave arms (tentacles) intact. The surgery could leave a gaping wound that may not heal, as well as active cancer in the many area of the tentacles. With disruption to the blood and lymphatic system, and without efficient circulation of both, skin function would be severely impaired resulting in congestion and build up of waste material in the tissue, ultimately causing tissue death. The end result is a fungating wound not able to heal. Apparently they are very confronting, as well as being extremely smelly and uncomfortable. Definitely something to be avoided!

I mentioned to Dr Sales how much I appreciated the fact that he had taken me on as his patient when my own doctor, of long standing, had given up on me. We made a pact (kind of) that he would continue to seek answers as for as long as it takes. It is a very special human being that takes on a new patient with a chronic disease when his books have been closed for years.  I am also Bulk Billed, meaning that he makes practically no money from me.

Tonight I am also pleased to be able to say that I have now had a phone call from Paul, my Biochemist friend. Without saying more than is necessary, I feel it is critical to point out that Paul is no longer able to practise in his chosen field. He was written up nationally as being a 'cancer con man' in 2005 and, after a lengthy court battle, he lost all rights to practise as well as all computer records. I remained loyal to him as I felt his past had nothing to do with my present, and treatment. He has always said he is very grateful to me and will do whatever he can to be of assistance.

When he called me today he explained that people do not always get back to him when they say they will, plus the fact that he is dealing with different time zones. He assured me that he will always come good, however, it may not be in 'my' time. Thanks Paul. I was also interested to learn that many people still hear of him by word of mouth and he spends quite a lot of time seeking appropriate treatment for those in need. Not bad for someone that is a 'con man' and who does not receive any payment for the work he does in spite of being in an unfortunate financial position.

He apparently has a 'consensus' and has come up with a 'plan of action' for me. I will have to order some Chelated Potassium online bit will be able to purchase the other product recommended at my local Health Food store.

I remain optimistic that, with appropriate treatment, we will be able to prevent this lesion breaking through the skin's surface where it could do a lot of damage.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

What your doctor says about the surgery makes would be impossible to remove the tentacles and the body would grow back. I am so sorry that this is happening.

Rama Ananth said...

I told you, that you should not feel bad, your friend would call when he has something to share with you that might be worth.
Some door would always open up, sometimes it might just a be crack, still it shows some promise. Why don't you get someone to do the Reiki treatment also on you along with other things that you are taking medically?
I can't tell how much relief you would find once you start getting treated by it. It can take away all the side effects of the various medicines that you have to take.
And believe me it would also guide you to do the right things, take the right decisions in your life. All confusion and despair would disappear, just do it, and see the difference in your life.

Kaz said...

Chez when we talk on the phone will fill you in as i talk with someone that we both know on glad it all work out with Paul.sending gentle hugs and healing prayers always.xo Kaz

Diana Doyle said...

XXX to you Chez....any treatment is worthwhile trying I think.

When faced with a debilitating illness we grasp at any straw. I remember being like this with Savannah.

I hope your friend can offer some sort of treatment that can help.

Thinking of you
Diana x

Cheryl said...

Sue, after checking it online I think I understand why surgery is is not an option. Will be doing my best to halt the growth as they are not pretty when they fungate. Must say it is causing me some angst at this time.

Cheryl said...

Rama you are right to say 'I told you so.' I guess I was disappointed because Paul had actually said he would call me Wednesday. He just did not say which Wednesday :(
I am relying on prayer and meditation as I make changes in my life which will make adjunct therapies more readily accessible. Living on the farm does make things difficult at times.
Rama, I have actually studied Reiki and I do understand the benefits of which you speak.
Must admit to allowing the isolation of farm life to impact on me negatively so it is now time to change that aspect of my life.
Thanks for your advice xo

Cheryl said...

Thanks Kazzy. Have now spoken to you my dear friend. Sorry for jumping the gun on you though xo

Cheryl said...

Diana, as I mentioned to Sue, researching this has left me feeling very vulnerable. It is very scary!
There will be something somewhere and I intend to find it. I am surprised to find that friends and followers are actually doing my work for me for which I am very grateful.
Something will turn up. Love Chez xo

diane b said...

You are certainly between a rock and a hard place. I hope the treatment will help.

Diane Rodgers said...

Hi my dear Cheryl,

Oh Goodness...I have read and reread this blog you have done...Seems things are not looking too good at this time. I must say I like your new Doc a lot...He has taken the time to explain all of this to you and will try to gather info on helping you. Paul...Bless him for calling you and making things good again between you both. He has a plan of action which is wonderful! This sounds so scary Cheryl....I don't want to be negative and I won't ...just wish it would all go away and leave your body for good!

I am praying so hard every day that God will hear our prayers and between prayer, and treatment things will turn around for you. You are such a fighter and so determined to nip this in the will actually do it!!!

Sounds like you are leaving the farm from what I have read here...You must do whatever it takes to get well and be near to help.

As Mother's Day nears I want to wish you a happy one happy as can be sweetie...We must all choose to move forward while remembering our Angels...the only way to find any joy and happiness...

I love you so very much and wish I could do so much more ... Hope to talk soon and please know you are thought of....


Cheryl said...

Diane B each time I think I have experienced, and dealt with, another complication I realise there are new challenges to be overcome.
I really did feel more comfortable in the days that it was 'Paul and Cheryl' finding ways to overcome this dreadful disease.

Cheryl said...

Di, must say things have certainly taken a turn, not necessarily for the worse, but definitely not in the direction I would like.
To be honest, I would have liked to avoid this. Seems that is not to be. The next best thing is to find a solution to the 'problem.'
Yesterday, while searching online, I quickly shut down the pc as the images were pretty awful. Today I will focus on prayer and meditation in the belief that doors will be opened. My friend, I am so grateful to you, and fellow online friends, for the love and support which reminds me that I am not alone on this journey.
My thoughts will be with you on Mother's Day as you receive the love and special treatment that you so richly deserve. My heart goes out to you knowing that your Mom's presence will be missed, along with Matts. Remember their Spirits live on in you and those that love and miss them.
Love always Chez xo

Starry Strange said...

Hi Chez, just popping in to check what is new with you. Loving and praying for you as always, xoxox Starry said...

Chez, You're in my prayers every day, and I stop by to see how you're doing. Your lesion sounds like a balloon you can't stop from inflating, growing bigger and bigger. If only it were like an infection that could be lanced and drained.

Even though we all react differently to treatment, it angers me when I think of all the side effects of "life saving" modern medicine. I pray Paul and your new doctor can help you stop the growth of this lesion before it is stretched beyond it's capacity.

Stay strong, ask for God's guidance.


nancyspoint said...

I am glad you are finding your new doctor to be a source of help. I'm also glad you heard from Paul. I so hope you can halt or slow the growth of the lesion. Good luck and all my best.

Cheryl said...

My dearest right you are in likening it to a balloon. I have found the research to be frightening and it has the capacity to allow my head to spin out of control if I am not careful.
My desire is to get back to regular blogging as it makes a huge difference to my mental state. The support is amazing, as I am sure you have found.
My prayers are with you always my friend.
Love Chez xo

Cheryl said...

Thank you Nancy. I am doing my best to find the answers. My energy levels are low as I struggle to find answers to overcome this dreadful disease to which there is no known cure for me.
Hugs xo