Saturday, March 13, 2010

Group 33 Lunch at the Farm

Saturday last I was delighted to be in the company of 13 members of my Breast Cancer Support Group. Throughout the past 18 months I have missed many of the monthly luncheons due to pain and suffering, including my inability to drive as a result of fatigue from the medications. The women decided it would be worthwhile to hold a 'special' luncheon at the farm.

The girls arranged to meet and travel together. Several of the women live in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie region while others reside around Maitland, which is closer to the farm. The first 2 cars arrived. I immediately began feeling slightly nervous; I was expecting around 9 and I had 8. They began pulling food out in Esky Cooler boxes. It had all been planned by Pam [Social Secretary] that Haydn would do meats on the Weber Q barbeque and the group were given responsibility for drinks, breads, salads and deserts. Looked like we were feeding an amy. But where would we sit? Would the weather hold to allow us to sit outdoors?

It was planned that it would be a leisure day for me; their way of acknowledging the stresses of the past 18 months.

A few minutes later and I was surrounded by 13 lovely ladies - along with Haydn and myself. I felt slightly distressed when it became painfully obvious that I was no longer able to press the button to activate the shutter on the camera. Fortunately Margaret was a willing party and took lots of lovely pics, although I was too distracted by the great company, food and laughter to remember to get Haydn to take a snap of the group as a whole.

We really did have a delightful day! Plans were put in place for a winter luncheon which would enable us to sit around the combustion fire, burning wood felled on the farm, and split by Haydn for exercise and fitness. Maybe even a walk up the mountain could be arranged .

The travel time home did not appear to phase them as it was 4.45pm before anyone made a move to leave. I was presented with the most magnificent bunch of liliums that I had ever been given although I really felt that it should have been the other way around.

It was a fantastic day and I did not lift a finger. I came into the kitchen to find the dishes done and leftovers in the refrigerator which meant no cooking for at least a couple of meals.

Cheryl on the left with Chris

Lunch is being served

Haydn entertains the girls and talks about life on the farm

WOW! In appreciation. The buds were not yet open so I am enjoying them now....


Anonymous said...

Hi Chez,
This is what love and friendship is all about,so glad you finally was able to get in a luncheon. Many more to come i am sure.

Love & Hugs..Kaz.xo

Diane Rodgers said...

Hi Cheryl,
I so love this for you Cheryl and your whole group of friends....sharing good times with the great food, laughter and friendship! The scenery helped too I am sure! It is more than beautiful at the farm with all the gorgeous hills and valleys and colors!

The best part is seeing you looking so happy and healthy! Praying for many many more luncheon dates in the years to come! You are so deserving of the love and care all of your dear friends have shown to you and more!

Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours!

Love and prayers,

diane b said...

They are true friends. One always finds out their real friends when one is sick.

Sean said... nice to see! What a beautiful sight to see you smiling, surrounded by these caring friends Cheryl. Very uplifting and heartwarming I must say. I'm with Diane in praying for many more...God bless all of you.

Anonymous said...
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Debby said...

Oh, how nice. It sounds like they preplanned carefully, thinking of every detail. What nice ladies!

Tracey said...

it sounds like a wonderful time was had by all xx