Friday, August 6, 2010

Real Estate

True to his word, Haydn contacted two real estate agents and asked for appraisals. Both turned out to be female. Why am I telling you this? Maybe it had something to do with the outcomes. Maybe not. The interesting thing is that neither of them spent too much time inspecting the property, although there was a consensus that the views will sell the property.

On arrival, the first agent spent some time with Haydn while he explained the reason behind his decision to consider selling the farm. Perhaps it was our circumstances that put her in her 'comfort zone.' She spoke at length about her own father who is 59 and has, unfortunately, been given a very bad prognosis regarding his own cancer diagnosis. Family members are all very distressed about the pain and suffering that plagues him and also the abdominal bloating. It appears that his Medical Practitioner has done very little to relieve the symptoms. We were able to suggest the possibility of Ascites Fluid and to steer her back to the doctor in the hope he would provide suitable treatment.

I explained to agent 1 that I was being cared for by the Palliative Care team. I cannot imagine my life without them. Armed with an arsenal of cancer related information she departed, promising to make contact later in the week.

We sat over a pot of tea with agent 2 and discussed all sorts of things; not a lot of time being devoted to the property. She did say that she had visions of it being used as a B & B, or a place for healing. I agreed. It has always been my vision to have cabins being used by those seeking a peaceful environment, either during or after treatment. Knowing that is not to be, it would give me great joy to see it being used for such a purpose by a prospective buyer.

Humbled to learn from agent 2 that she found herself inspired by my story I replied that I did not fully understand what she meant and asked her to please explain. Her reply touched me deeply. She simply said 'I see you as a channel for grace.'

A phone call later in the week from agent 1. Her Dad has now been treated for his Ascites fluid (Yes! We guessed it!) and he has been referred to Palliative Care. She asked if we had made any decisions regarding the sale of the property and said that no matter what she would like to keep in touch.

Once again, I can only think that we have been blessed.


Anonymous said...

Chez we never know what one is going thru until you get to talking,seems there are always stories in everyones lifes.

Hope you get where it is right for both you and Haydn.

Love & Hugs always,Kaz.xoxo