Friday, August 13, 2010

Still Recovering

Yesterday was a LONG day!

We left the farm at 7.30am and although we were home about 6pm we did not stop all day.

I wonder if we were not putting the place on the market how long we would have gone without towel racks, toilet roll holders etc in the bathrooms? We did learn that this situation is more common than we would have thought possible. Then, of course, Haydn decided that we should not purchase 'top of the range' accessories. Non essential in his opinion. Oh well! Provided they do the job, I will live with that.

The choice was influenced somewhat by the complete lack of customer service in the first store. The sales assistant actually picked up the phone and made, what appeared to be, a somewhat personal telephone call in our presence. She completely ignored us. Definitely no reason to shop at that particular branch of Reece Plumbing.

Haydn suggested lunch. I thought that was a great idea as there would then be less pressure on me to provide a substantial dinner on our arrival home.

We managed to purchase beer plus fruit and vegetables for Haydn's elderly mother-in-law from his first marriage. Dot is 92 and still lives alone. As she enjoys her beer and wine, we provide it for her, in the belief that it makes her life just a little easier.

I managed to fit in a Bowen Therapy treatment, which I have found to be the best form of lymphatic drainage for my particular problem. Haydn had a stress ECG because his doctor had suggested it. Although Haydn appears to be fit and well his cholesterol is slightly elevated and his father died of a heart attack when in his 40's. Results when he next sees his family doctor.

Food shopping [enough to last for a week] was done on the way home. It was an easy dinner for us followed by a reasonably early night. Funny how unaccustomed we now are to a full day on the road and shopping.

This morning we began the day with a 'cook-up.' Firstly, it was an enormous stock pot of chicken noodle soup and then our favourite chicken breasts cooked in the slow cooker. A recipe straight from 'My Slow Cooker' recipes on Facebook. We have managed to eat fairly well during the winter months thanks to the slow cooker. With my not being able to manage to chop vegetables these days, it suits us both to do the preparation for the main meal in the morning. We then have only vegetables to do at night, enabling us to still eat reasonably well.

I must admit, I am feeling more tired than usual today. It has taken me longer than normal to get going and I have more to do, knowing that the farm will go on the market. Oh well! I can cope with the inspections.

Thanks for visiting. It is amazing how I now manage to type the entries with one finger of one hand while watching television. Tonight it is Waking the Dead on the ABC.


sunflower said...

Hi Cheryl!
Wanted to say that I hope your property sells reasonably fast and you and Hayden can get settled in your new surroundings-to-be! Great that you both are connected in this very sweet of H to want to see things made so much easier for you my friend! Tell him he'll score Brownie points for this one!!! LOL
You did have a full and busy day for which I'm glad you had some more time out and about! Understand that you would more tired than usual! Yayyy for the slow cooker meals, great idea you have worked out there. Amazing to me how you have managed to do so well with the one finger typing...guess it's true what I've always heard..."where there is a will, there is a way"! Seems you may have some work ahead for you with house going up for sale...but you will handle that too my friend!! HUGS & LOVExx

WhiteStone said...

Your chicken soup sounds wonderful, even though we're in the midst of summer here.

As for the towel racks, toilet paper holder...last year I ordered a complete set online from a well-known business, thinking I had done it the easy way. Three weeks later they finally replied that they were "out of stock". Back to shopping the old-fashioned way. LOL

Jeanne Marren Egan said...

I was so glad to read that you have decided to relocate to be closer to the services you need. I think you will feel so much better once you get closer to your doctors. I hope your farm seels quickly and I love the idea of it being a retreat for those recovering from illness. Also glad to hear about the therapy for your arm. There is hope!