Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our First Inspection

At the time the house was built it was going to be our 'dream' home.

The kitchen is a 'dream' in which to work.

The ensuite has windows facing both north and south making it 'perfect' for a morning bath
The view and verandah; perfect for Al Fresco dining

 Crossing the cattle grid and heading home

The view 365 days of the year

Beauty surrounds us

Haydn loves his cattle which are Red Angus or Red Angus/Devon cross

'Contemplation often makes life miserable.
We should act more, think less and stop watching ourselves live.'
-Chamfort ~French playwright 1741 to 1794

Since retiring, and having to face the reality of the recurrence of my breast cancer, it seems I have been wearing myself out thinking. Yes! There have been many challenges but none that I have not been given the strength to endure. At last it has begun to 'sink' in that my fatigue is due, in part, to overthinking! I have made the decision that, in order to become more proactive, it is necessary to open the lines of communication between Haydn and myself. After 15+ years you would have thought that was a lesson learnt.

As mentioned in a previous post, I hadve been questioning, of late, my relationship with Haydn. We have come a long way in a short time since doing more talking! The past two weeks have seen many 'issues' resolved. I am so very grateful to 'The King' (his 'nickname' in my previous blog) for being 'open' to ideas and ready to make changes. I have suggested there may be things that I do that get under his skin. If so, he needs to bring them out into the open.

The King coasts along which, in reality, is 'cool.' I now realise that he offers me another type of 'unconditional' love. We enjoy a love that endures in spite of unfavourable circumstances. We spoke yesterday of the many relationships that fail when the going gets tough. In our case, we simply  get going and just keep on keeping on. Admittedly, there are certain behaviours that cause me some angst, however, that is not who Haydn is. I have learnt from him!

Now back to the reason for the post. At the end of September the farm was listed for sale. As a result, it is no longer under contract; it was a 90 day contract. There was not one inspection until today, when that changed. We had our first inspection! The verdict - it is hard not to like!!! We wait, in anticipation, for a second inspection.

We have learnt in life that 'things work out best for people who make the best of the way things work out.' - Author Unknown


Chez said...

If anyone is able to tell me what I may have done to the first photograph to have it 'boxed' please feel free to offer advice. It is weird!

Kaz said...

Chezzy, the home is beautiful and the view is breath taking so would love to soak in the tub with that view bet sunset is just gorgeous in the tub sipping

Chez so glad you have finally been ablr to talk and tell the king your feelings and him with to my hope it all works out.

Now back to giving you some laughs later in the week along with special talks to help at home..Hmmm

Love always,Kaz.xoxo

Kaz said...

Chez they all show boxed to me..Kaz

stonepost said...

Chez, they are all beautiful photos of a lovely house and farm, great views, maybe an isolated paradise, sort of a contradiction.
We all endure grief differently and your King has his own and finds escape in his farm and the cattle. Guys are not taught to cry,
we stuff the emotions and get to the business of working. Sometimes the sadder we are, the harder we work. This can give the appearance of not caring but it is not true. We find it very difficult to "talk about issues'. It is easier to work ourselves to death.

diane b said...

Glad to hear you and Haydn are talking over issues and getting sorted. It must be hard to sell such a beautiful place but I hope you get plenty of interest.
Did you click on caption and wrote under the pic which stays in the picture border?

Alli said...

Cheryl I so agree with what Stonepost wrote. So many men have the tendency to shut down and not know how to talk with us or deal with the issue therefore better to say nothing at all.

Your home is so beautiful, one day if I ever win the lottery........

Love Alli xxoo

Sean said...

Absolutely beautiful home! From the quote at the beginning, through the positive content of your post, to the quote you finished with...I loved it all and it made me smile. Once again, you are doing what you do best! God bless you dear friend.

rama said...

Beautiful house with splendid view, what can I say, I very happy for you.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Chez, your home is spectacular! WOW! And I am so happy that you and Haydn seem to be in a good space together. That is wonderful. Isn't life so interesting - we never stop learning and growing. Your post was a poignant reminder of that, as well as one that spoke of the power of love.
Love and hugs to you, sweet friend.

sunflower said...

Cheryl I am glad to read that you are working with Haydn towards a better environment for yourself!
I do hope it gives you what you need at this point in your life.
I wish the best for you and have a tendency to take a lot to heart, something for me to work on though!
Always improvement needed as long as we are here!
Hope your life from here on out will be the dream that you so deserve and day to day life will find you more content in your love and gratitude.
A beautiful home you have. Looks perfect in every way! Hugs Cherylxx

Diane Rodgers said...

Hi Cheryl,

Somehow I feel lost in this post and the last one too...I just went back and read the last 3 looking for results from your tests but finding none. I so hope they came back not bad....

Your life with Hayden seems to be on a good path again which makes me smile! Your home and land is just breathtaking! I am sure the right buyer will fall in love with it! Do you have a plan for where it is you both want to live? Where ever that may be I pray it is what will bring happiness to both of you!

Things do seem to always work out for the best...somehow ... in the plans God has set for you and the direction your lives should go!

Enjoy the journey my dear friend, as it unfolds!

Love as always,

Chez said...

Kaz, you would love it here as I would love your company. There would definitely be an education in it for me...and lots of laughs.
Thanks to Diane, I know what happened.
Hugs my friend xo
StonePost, my thanks to you for opening the door to the male psyche. Different circumstances would have seen this a great spot to live. As we know, there are some things over which we have little power. Thank you so much for your comment.
Diane B think you have given me the reason for the pic being boxed. Choose not to do that as the font appeared to be smaller.
Will not be sorry to leave here as keeping the house and garden is difficult.
Praying that you do win the lottery Alli. The house is lovely although I see it as nothing more than a 'possession' these days. It does not give me much joy with cleaning and gardening being so difficult.
In my thoughts Chez xo
Sean, you have me speechless my friend. Love and gratitude Chez xo
Thank you Rama. It is a lovely environment. Hugs Chez xo
Funny thing Audrey is that it has taken me 15 years to learn something I thought I knew. Having been through so much together, we feel blessed to be in the position we are in. We both appear to be stubborn which is an advantage. According to the Rev John Powell, the 'flipside' is loyalty.
Sending much love my friend. Chez xo
Sunflower, thankfully 'The King' is open to changes; he is an old champaigner.
I think it is OK to 'take things to heart.' When we care we feel!
One of the things I have learnt is to take one day at a time.
The home is simple with uncluttered lines. The photographer had us 'de-personalise it for the pics.
Much love to you my friend. Chez xo
Di I did dial your number today and was going to tell you about the results. When you were not at home, I decided not to leave a msg.
If you look to the previous post you will see a PS with test results. Will understand more when I have spoken to the oncologist on 24th.
Hayd and I doing OK. We are 'case hardened' as his nephew says. We both agree with that. Big time!
Hayd would buy another farm - no house - and we would buy a unit in town for me. Real estate is expensive so we do need to get a good price here.
Much love my friend Chez xo

Paul C said...

What a beautiful home and expanse...I appreciate how suitable your quotes are, filled with a sensitive understanding.

Chez said...

Paul I began searching for quotes at the time of Jeremy's accident. Belonging to an online community of bereaved parents, we have set up memorial sites. When I am 'lost' for words I simply use quotes. Thanks for dropping by.

Sami said...

So happy for you Chez! I knew something positive was bound to come your way. This makes me absolutely thrilled :-)

Chez said...

Thats sweet! Thank you so much. I wish only the best for you :)

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Wow! What a lovely home and view! But it must take a lot of work to keep it going. I found your blog from being on Alli's site. I've read your memorial pages of your beloved Jeremy. I have a son that was born the same age as Jeremy and I could not imagine life without him. You deal with unimaginable sorrows with so much grace. I very much wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Lovely home... i am glad things are running smoothly for you nig love from trinidad.

Chez said...

Sue I am deeply touched that you have taken the time to read Jeremy's Memory-of page. Jeremy gave me a reason to live at the time of my cancer diagnosis. With his passing I had to dig deep to find a reason to move forward. Somehow, I have managed to succeed!
I think for most of us, even the thought of losing a child is unbearable.
Thank you so much for visiting, and your good wishes.

nancyspoint said...

Chez, I love your home! And the views are quite spectacular! If you want to sell, I hope that happens for you. I'm happy to hear you and Haydn are making progress. Sometimes men need encouragement to talk. I remind my husband to talk to me quite often! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

Beth L. Gainer said...

Stunning house!! Just being surrounded by all that beauty is therapeutic, I bet.

Thank you for sharing.

facebook said...

Life is so unpredictable, isn't it? What we found irresistable yesterday, we can't wait to distance ourselves from tomorrow. The phases of our lives are like seasons, and they can change imperceptibly. You and I both know that all too well.

I pray your decisions are the right ones for this time in your life, and that you make them with the help and support of Haydn, should that be what you want.

So sorry I've dropped off the radar, dear friend, but I know you understand. I'm still stunned that James died. Absolutely stunned and devastated.


Ronni Gordon said...

Hi Chez,

I saw you on Julie's blog, where we both commented on getting cancer after being big exercisers.

I love the pictures you just posted – the view is spectacular. I also happen to love your indigo background. I think that's my favorite color.

I'm sorry for all you've been through. Cancer-wise (leukemia), I've been through a lot, too, although I have never suffered the loss of a child.

It sounds like you have been very brave. Good luck to you and I'll keep checking in.

Chez said...

Welcome Emmy. Lovely to see you here.

Chez said...

Nancy I am now doing a 'panic' due to the prospective purchasers interest. This place was Haydn's dream! He has owned the land for over 20 years. It does not make sense to me to have him start from scratch at 64 years.
Although I am grateful for the change in our relationship, I feel extremely tearful and sad.
He has already left a much loved farm once before due to problems with the health of his first wife. Oh dear!
Love and gratitude Nancy.

Chez said...

Beth that is so true although I have allowed myself to be 'bogged' down by the isolation. It is truly beautiful!

Chez said...

Precious Brenda although I am unsure just how you managed to get here via facebook I am delighted to have you visit.
My darling, if you read my response to Nancy, you will see that this is a tough call for me. I have had some issues with tests and results which has taken me off the radar also.
Please know Brenda that there is never a day that I do not think of you, praying for you to find peace in your heart.
Love Chez xo

Chez said...

Welcome Ronni it is lovely to have you visit. Indigo is a beautiful colour. This all came about as a result of my deceased son being referred to as an 'Indigo' child.
I see we do have some common interests.
I appreciate your sensitivity in regard to the loss of a child. It truly is tragic! Often friends find it incomprehensible...

julie said...

Oh, what a beautiful home & land!! You are lucky to have been able to spend time there. It's wonderful.

Chez said...

Julie it is a great spot! I have wonderful memories although things did not quite work out as planned.

artistdeb said...

No doubt you live in God's country my dear. Hugs, Deb.