Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chalk and Cheese

Haydn and I had put plans in place to do an exercise. Given that I am currently not driving and, at times, wonder if things will ever change, we decided to look at real estate elsewhere.

Haydn called the local real estate agent for an appraisal. Armed with the knowledge that the farm was worth $???? he had thought that maybe the farm could be sold if, in fact, he could purchase another property closer to a township offering us more services than we have here. The problem with living where we live is the isolation for me closely combined with lack of services.

6 kilometres to our north we have the village of Gresford which has a general store, post office and pub. We are blessed to have a coffee shop at the moment but, not sure how long it will last as it has opened and closed 3 times in the 2 years we have lived here. 6 kilometres to the south we have the village of Vacy with nothing more than a general store and pub.

Maybe we could stumble on a great property closer to services. We are 30 minutes from the regional centre of Maitland and just over 1 hour from medical services, including the Calvery Mater hospital at which I have my cancer treatments.

We set off yesterday to meet with real estate agent number 1 in the township of Clarencetown. He suggested we drive to the property and he quickly jumped into the back seat thereby saving his own fuel. We turned off the sealed road and, as we made our way along a winding dirt road with lots of water filled pot holes, Haydn asked if this was the property. He was rudely told 'No. Keep going!' Shortly Haydn asked again if we were on the land that was for sale as he could tell that it was not good farming country. I was then told that my husband was a hard marker...too severe. How could I then admit that I had absolutely no interest in going further as we were even more isolated than we are now. This rude man was persistent and so we kept going. When we were discussing the benefits of living in our north facing home we were told we should not be making comparisons. I ask 'How then do we make the decision about value for money?' Silly me! Cannot remember exactly what was said but I remember how I felt. Could not wait to get this man out of our vehicle as I felt him grate like chalk on a blackboard.

We then met with real estate agent number 2 in the township of Dungog. Haydn explained the situation and the reason for our enquiry. After discussion about the place we had sought information on, he suggested that it would be perfect for me but not suitable for Haydn the farmer.

As we walked to the front door I was surprised to find this delightful man put one arm around me, while taking my other hand in his. He expressed his delight at meeting me while encouraging me to take special care of myself. I could feel the shift in energy levels as he walked with us to the footpath. He continued to encourage me with his carefully chosen words. Before long he was shedding a tear. As we hugged, I asked him to talk to me about what was happening. It turned out that his Mother had passed 3 years previously. He walked with us to the Pajero all the while discussing the situation and the rise in the incidence of cancer.

I felt deeply touched by the experience and could not help drawing a comparison between the two agents. Definitely chalk and cheese!

Later in the afternoon I received an email in which he suggested that he had no idea what had happened as that was not his usual style. He had realised however, that he did need to spend more time with his Dad giving them both the opportunity to heal while learning to live without their much loved Wife, Mother and Grandmother.

In the meantime we are no closer to solving the dilemma of whether or not a move would work for us...


diane said...

Thank you so much for following my trip and leaving comments even though I couldn't visit you. It sounds a good idea to move closer to services, but probably difficult to find one that suits both of you. Amazing the difference between salesmen.

Kaz said...

Hey Chez,
Sounds like the farm is where u will be for now,maybe something will fall into your lap.Chez soinds like you found a friend that so near to share as we all need that. Real estate is the same way here also and depends how bad they are trying to sell to the length they go.xo

Chez said...

Diane it was wonderful to follow your journey. I accept gratefully that it brought out the green eyed monster in me.
Must admit that the first real estate agent left a sour taste in my mouth.

Chez said...

Kaz it is interesting, and a little unfair to throw them all together, however I do not remember meeting one that I liked. Yesterday was the exception.
Things always work out. Just hope it is sooner rather than later.

Sara Williams said...

I had to check your profile when I read this post because the next but one village to me is called Gresford and it has a pub, a post office and a cafe which has opened and closed lots in the last year! How strange. I wonder if whoever settled there came from our own village of Gresford?


Chez said...

Sara that is quite a coincidence. Or is it?
I will definitely have to get some historical knowledge on Gresford, NSW Australia.
I am smiling just the same. Thank you.

Starry said...

Well, well, one agent without a soul and one who you helped to get in touch with his heart's truth. Certainly you served a purpose that day!

I hope you find more helpful people who will understand immediately what it is you need and deserve.

I don't actually have a feeling as to what you will do, but I'm awfully fired up about a mission I'm on at the moment - to stop American breeders from cropping great dane ears.

Keep finding these treasured moments and insights that you have, they help us all, you know.
xxooxx Starry

Chez said...

Starry I can only say how much I appreciate your recognition of the situation. I really got the feeling from agent number 2 that I had opened doors to healing for him. That is what drives and motivates me.
Where did you develop your passion, and interest, in the cropping of the ears of the great dane? Is it done for appearance sake? I admire you for your commitment.
May we both find treasured moments and insights my friend and thank you for your understanding of the message.
Love and gratitude xoxo

Debby said...

I love how we meet and learn from the experiences of each other. If we are open to it. Which the first salesman, obviously, was not.

Chez said...

Beautifully said Debby. 'If we are open to it'

Jeanne Marren Egan said...

I think your story speaks volumes about the energy that people give off. Clearly you entered into his life that day for a reason.

Chez said...

Jeanne, I cannot help but feel that our life experiences, and the way we deal with them, changes our perspective so much that our interactions with others produce some amazing situations. And, as Debby says 'If we are open to it' we all learn.

Diane Rodgers said...

Hi Cheryl,

All I know is nothing happens by were meant to be exactly where you were this day and to be meeting number 2 salesman....if for nothing else than to get him thinking and to know that the loss of his dear Mum is a journey he and his Dad have to make now. Amazing how life touches us all the same ...eventually we all face the loss of the ones we love so dearly.
You are a so many Cheryl... God's Blessings always,

Chez said...

Evening Di
Thanks for touching base. Funny thing about such an experience is that I have always put it down to energy. In this instance I found myself deeply touched by the exchange.
What amazes me is that we are able to achieve almost the same outcome with our online friends. I am so very glad of the connections we make.
So many of us living with the loss of loved ones.
I have just been given the words 'Be still and know that I am God'
Praise the Lord xoxo

Diane Rodgers said...

Hi again Cheryl,

"Be Still and Know that I am God"....these are my personal favorite words spoken by our God...I have come to say these words so often in my life when I know I can't do it alone....we are only the clay....He is the potter and being still opens us to His energy and allows Him to work through us. You are an open vessle ...always ready to show His love to others ...

My other favorite is ..."Love one another as I have loved you" ...Just thinking on the two of these quotes from Jesus....and acting on them makes life so much better!

Love to you always,