Monday, June 7, 2010


It feels important that I take the time to do regular entries and accept that, at times, they may be short and to the point. With the deterioration in my right arm/hand there may well come a time that I am dependent on voice activated technology to allow me to get my message across. In the meantime I will do my best as a one finger typist.

Feeling very chuffed today as we have been away the past two weekends and I have somehow survived.

The last weekend of May we travelled to Dubbo to visit my beautiful, and much loved, Aunty Pat who is Mum's youngest, and only surviving sister. The weather was horrendous and Saturday night saw Haydn and Uncle Bruce at the trots. The stands offered very little protection from the elements and, like a true punter, Bruce had no intention of leaving before the final race was run.

Fortunately, we were rewarded with good Chinese food that they picked up on the way home.

Haydn bought a new Mitsubishi Pajero back in November; the first new vehicle in many years. It was ironic to find that we had a rock hit our windscreen on the way home. After years of driving second hand vehicles, who would have thought that we would do a windscreen driving through Dunedoo. Oh well! That's life.

This past weekend we joined my very special friend Sonya, and her husband Trevor, in the celebration of his 70th birthday. Sonya had vouchers for a weekend at Australis Resort at Diamond Beach on the North Coast of NSW and we were invited to join them.

Once again, we were faced with horrendous weather conditions, particularly on the Friday night. On arrival at the Resort, Sonya had phoned to organise collection by the courtesy bus to take us to and from the restaurant for dinner. It was booked for 6.15pm. As we stood waiting in the pouring rain tempers were wearing a little thin when it got to be 6.40pm and there was still no sign of Ron in his, 'not so trusty' coach.

We did eventually get to have dinner and were delivered safely back to our accommodation with absolutely no let up in the rain. I think we have had about 4 inches, or 100mls, of rain over the past week.

Saturday we had an enjoyable day and even managed to fit in a movie. Our choice was Robin Hood, starring a couple of favourite Aussie stars, namely Russell Crowe and Kate Blanchett. Dinner at the local Tavern was excellent.

Cannot believe that both weekends have passed and I have taken not a single photograph. Knowing that I want so badly to have these experiences recorded, I will have to do better in future.


Debby said...

These times put the sparkle back in life, don't they? I'm thrilled that you went adventuring. Thank you for all your well wishes at my place. I'll have more time for writing after July 1st. Unfortunately, I'm not all that sure that my brains will survive.

Alli said...

It's nice to know you had a good weekend away. Those are the best times. Sure you are tired but it's a different kind of tired.
We have had quite a bit of rain here too the past few nights.

I always appreciate your comments.....

Alli xx

Kaz said...

Hey Chez,
Always nice to hear you get time away,sure not fun standing in the cold rain. What no pictures,what am i going to do with you??I know you will have more weekends away with Sonya.Glad you are still getting to do your blogs even though it takes you that much longer i so enjoy your writing.
Gentle Hugs,Love Kaz..xo

Unknown said...

Hi Chez, nice to hear about your weekends, pity about that wild weather, I had wondered how you were through all that.
Short and sweet is fine with us, we all love you so much, we'll take what you can manage.
Stay beautiful, xoxoxox Starry

diane b said...

Never mind the photos, you got out and enjoyed yourself. Keep the pictures in your mind to recall. Well done with one finger. I only use two and there is nothing wrong with my hands and arms. Its my brain that is the problem.

Jeanne Marren Egan said...

It sounds like a good weekend overall. You had so many different experiences. I enjoy your writing and thank you for all of your enlightened comments.

Diane Rodgers said...

So good to hear you ahve been away and having a god time ...a little rain (or a lot) ...still a grand time with family and friends! I am sure it was a welcomed change to get away from the farm even though it is so beautiful there. We are having so much rain here also...hasn't stopped all day today and the ground is and has been totally saturated. Makes us appreciate those few and far between sunny beautiful days!
Take good care Cheryl..and keep blogging!