Thursday, August 26, 2010

Visit to Dr Sales

How do I really feel about the necessity of regular visits to my General Practitioner? Normally I find them more of an inconvenience than anything. On a day to day basis, I still enjoy reasonably good health. Providing the unbearable nerve pain is managed, my side effects from medication are minimal. Time taken for appointments can, therefore appear to be unnecessary.

The reason that Dr Sales insists on reasonably frequent visits is probably due to the medications required for pain management. I take several medications on a daily basis. Lyrica [Pregabalin] and Epilim [Sodium Valproate] are considered to be anti convulsant, however, in my case, are used effectively for nerve pain. Oxycontin works differently. Being an opiate, it is considered to be addictive when used inappropriately. I have managed, in the past, to reduce my dosage successfully; it is not necessary therefore, for me to worry about becoming addicted. More than likely, I will be on it for life. As much as I do not like taking this particular medication, I like the pain a lot less. Fortunately, Dr Sales applies to the Commonwealth Government for an Authority which gives me one month's supply of Oxycontin [60 tablets] for the cost of 20 tablets. In dollar terms, this is $33 instead of $99. I am allowed a maximum of 1 months supply.

My pharmaceutical bill each MONTH can be anywhere between $130 and $230. There are additional costs with vitamins and supplements to overcome, in some cases, the effects of the medications. Beginning January 2010 I have been slowly working my way towards reaching the pharmaceutical Safety Net. Consequently, I now pay just a little over $5 for each prescription. Hooray!!!

On Tuesday I discussed with Dr Sales my laryngitis which has been coming and going over the past two weeks. First thing in the morning, my sputum is blood stained. Dr Sales [Milton] suggested a chest x-ray. At this point I questioned the necessity of yet another test. My fatigue is far more of a problem for me and a resolution to that would be most beneficial. That is the one thing that keeps me house bound, out of the driver's seat. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, the isolation of life at the farm is one of my major concerns.

Thankfully, Milton has given me a request for bloods to be done. The deal being that if there is any sign of a problem with iron levels, I will undergo a chest x-ray. Further investigations may be necessary but I do not feel any sense of urgency as I recently received very good results from PET/CT Scan. He will also check B12. Low levels could be behind this constant tiredness. What I would not give to feel revitalised. Energy levels have been a problem since completing radiation in June 2009.

In a bid to increase my energy levels I have begun to use the exercise bike that has been sitting idle for some time. Guess this means I will have to become a lot more self disciplined. On the up side, I will then have more energy for blogging.


Anonymous said...

Chez so good that u always know whats best for you.always good to get meds. cheaper as they cost so much and can't live without them.

I hope your riding your bike with seeing the beautiful view you have..

Big Hugs my friend.xo

Kaz said...

Chez don't know why sometimes i can leave my name and other times i can't.Hmmm.

Love Kaz.xo

WhiteStone said...

Hope the blood tests reveal something really simple needing a simple cure. Wishing you well from Iowa.