Thursday, January 13, 2011

QLD Flood Crisis

We ran as fast as we could says Queensland woman.
The above picture was taken from ninemsn and it is certainly a case of 'a picture being worth a thousand words.' A Queensland woman said she and four others ran for their lives when a large crack in the ground turned into a giant pit.

The death toll currently stands at 15 with 61 still missing.

Although I have not been blogging on the situation I have used Facebook as a means of allowing interested friends to keep abreast. Social Networking sites are abound with stories and offers of help. The television shows images that will remain etched in my memory forever.

Thousands of homes in Brisbane are already underwater. I have a sister in Brisbane that is without electricity. Her neighbours on the low side of the street are expected to go underwater while she and my brother-in-law have their own garage filled with the furniture of several neighbours.

Goondiwindi is expecting to peak at 10.85 metres.. The levy bank around the town was designed and built in 1958 and is expected to hold as it is designed to take waters to 11 metres. The hospital and aged care facilities have been evacuated as a precautionary measure.

There are amazing photos of yachts on the Brisbane river breaking up and sinking. Miraculously, people on the yachts were rescued.

The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh has shown the most amazing leadership in face of adversity. Although I was not necessarily a fan of hers prior to this event, she has been elevated in my estimation.

Much of our 'fresh' food is grown in Queensland. Thankfully, the season is almost finished and our fruit and vegetables will soon be coming out of Victoria. There are signs of 'panic' buying as people try to 'stock-up' on essentials. Bread and milk are completely missing from many supermarket shelves. There are pictures of a Coles supermarket in Ipswich completely underwater.

There are heart felt stories of residents having lost everything themselves, reaching out to others. Lives lost in an effort to check on the property of others. These floods do bring back some memories for me. As a youngster, my family were inundated during the floods in Dubbo. I am unsure if it was 1955 or 1956. We lost everything. All personal belongings were swept away when the Macquarie River flooded.

I ask you to hold the people of Queensland in your thoughts and prayers please. There seems to be little else we can do. It is times like this I feel anger knowing that pain and dysfunction prevents me from being in Queensland, sleeves rolled up and assisting in any way possible.

The question is being asked 'Are the Queensland floods Australia's worst natural disaster?'


sunflower said...

This is some of the worst flooding I have seen pictures of! I can not even begin to imagine how or what these people feel. I just know my heart goes out to them and I hope it ends very soon! What words would comfort other than to say may "God keep you and your family safe"! May this nightmare begin to end!

rama said...

India too is prone to floods, and it is indeed a difficult time for people facing it. Words are not enough to describe what they have to go through despite all the precaution. They lose their homes, their livelihood, there dear ones, it is an unimaginable trauma. Nature sometimes is very ruthless. My prayers are always with them.

Anonymous said...

Chez, it is so horrifying to watch from half way around the world! I can only imagine what it is like for those of you who live in your beautiful country. Very good friends of mine have a home in Brisbane, and many of their family live in the city as well. Thankfully, my friends and their families are okay, but it is such a tragedy! Take care, lovely friend.

nancyspoint said...

Chez, Natural disasters like this are so completely devastating in their destruction. My heart goes out to all those trying to survive and cope. Thank you for reminding me today that cancer is not the only thing people suffer from in this world. With thoughts and prayers.

Starry said...

and now the follow on effects, as the southern states begin to have some flooding.... when will this end?

Chez said...

My beautiful Sunflower these pictures and accompanying stories are heartbreaking. Knowing the feelings associated with the loss of both a husband and a child we are seeing stories of families with multiple losses on top of the loss of ALL material possessions. My heart breaks for them and for the people of Brazil with similar stories.
Darling, please think of them in your prayers

Chez said...

Thank you Rama. You will have seen then the associated problems closer to home. The situation is heartbreaking and so close to the Victorian bushfires either last year, or the year before.
Love your garden pictures.

Chez said...

Audrey, I am pleased to hear that your friends are fine my lovely friend. I am quite unprepared for the feelings and thoughts that sit in my head and heart, a 'dead' weight! Just too much to bear! Seeing those families literally being torn apart by floodwaters is heartbreaking. How do people recover?
We are looking for the most practical way to offer assistance at this time. Thankfully, it is looking a little brighter today.
Love to you, as always, my friend

Chez said...

Nancy a situation such as this is able to take our thoughts elsewhere, which is always a good thing however, in this case, the devastation is simply heartbreaking. The natural disasters the world over have me thinking about many things.What does it mean? Is there a message; something to be learnt?
Thank you for your thoughts and your prayers Nancy. You have become an important link in my chain of friendships. Love always

Chez said...

Starry, things are not good in Victoria either. You are right; the flow on effects will be far reaching. The problem is being seen globally my friend.
Sending much love to you xo

Maundering mutterer said...

I've never seen or heard of anything this massive. It seems so unreal, but its real enough! Thanks for sharing your view.

Pearl said...

The whole world is watching, and you have our hearts.


Chez said...

Thank you MM and Pearl. It is now 24th and it is not yet over. The clean-up continues as these poor people endeavour to rebuild their lives.

Diane Rodgers said...

I have been watching the news stories of these awful floods and following what you place on fb. It is more than devastating to so many who have been touched by this.

I have been unfortunate enough to see my Mom's home flooded a few years back and the devastation they went through. Everything was lost, her health was very poor and they lived in small camp trailer for almost a year until things were redone to move back in.

I walked in the waters as it flooded ... watching my dear Mom's heart break ...doing as much as we could to help for weeks on end. They lived with us for a time until they received the camper.

No one knows unless they have lived through it...God please protect these poor people and help them to recover and move forward...and to those who have lost their lives....the other side has to be so much better...the ones left behind to suffer the loss of their loved ones....more than hard...

Thinking and praying for this to end.

Love as always,