Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am Being Tested

All human wisdom is summed up in two words ~ wait and hope
- Alexandre Dumas Pere

In spite of my very best intentions, it seems I am to be tested. Having spoken to Dr Van's secretary on Tuesday I was expecting to hear from him either today or tomorrow with my test results.

Today I did receive a phone call from Dr Van's secretary. She advised me that the test results are pending and doctor is going on leave tomorrow.  He has therefore advised me to keep my appointment on 24 February. I guess that leaves me little else but to wait and hope. I am grateful for the phone call although it did not stop me from sobbing uncontrollably at the news.

In the meantime, I am looking at my left arm which now has a large pocket of fluid at the elbow as a result of the cannula being inserted for the contrast and isotopes. I have no idea what that means but I do know that I feel some concern at anything that has the potential to cause me problems with the only arm that works. It is bad enough that I have severe carpal tunnel symptoms as a result of using my left hand on the keypad of the laptop. Something I can only change when I have my new laptop set up with Dragon, speech recognition software.

Speaking of which, I had been advised by the retail store from which I purchased my new notebook computer in December that the cost of the data transfer would be $140. Given that my thumb is continually numb from RSI symptoms I phoned the store this morning to enquire as to the length of time it would take to do the transfer. I was informed it could be done today. I quickly showered and headed in only to be told on arrival that, as I had not done my own set-up, there would be an additional cost of $99 and it would not be ready until Monday (today is Thursday.)

Haydn made it clear that it was his belief I would not be able to live without the Internet for four days and he would not be able to live with me. Needless to say the computer came home with me.

I remain hopeful! Any suggestions on how to wait patiently?  


nazia said...

its a great sharing i really like your blog and i hope that you will keep it up to date

rama said...

Hi there,
As your new friend I can only say please never use the word Hope, for it always means something you are not sure about, something vague, something that means may or may not.
Always believe in the good things you want to believe in and put only such thoughts to the Universe, so that it can be picked by the Universe and make it happen in your life.
Now while writing / talking with others we do use words, like, want, will, shall, would, should, and hope, however when you are by yourself you must never use or believe in such vague words.
So from now make intentions, and let them out to the Universe, for if you intend correctly, you have to see it happen in your life, for that is how the Universe works. If our wishes are vague with lots of doubts we would get results also like that only.
By the way this truth, I learnt in my study of Reiki, some 15 years ago, and to this day I have been following it, and it always works.
It is just a slight change in our thought, that can be the key to many locks to be opened all at the same time.
It is never too late to change our way of thinking. You are there always in my prayers.

Chez said...

Your kindness is appreciated Nazia.
Do you have your own blog?

Chez said...

Thank you Rama. I really appreciate the message. I agree with you that it is important to put the right message 'out there.'
It will be interesting to see how I go with changing my words and thoughts. Much of it is in place. The 'biggie' for me is the use of the word 'hope.'
I am sure, with your guidance, the appropriate changes will be made by me.
Love and thanks my friend. Are you currently travelling? I have been thinking about you recently knowing that is a journey I would love to make. Chez xo

Anonymous said...

Oh Chez, I am so sorry to hear that you have to wait a month to see Dr Van. I know exactly what you are going through - it is so difficult to not know. I am sending you hugs and prayers, dear friend. And I am so happy that you were able to bring your computer home. Thank you Haydn!
Stay strong lovely lady.

diane b said...

Just been catching up with your posts. you poor thing, life is not getting any easier for you. I dearly hope the results are not too bad.Your tough mind will get you through this.

stonepost said...

Chez so sorry that you have to wait, what is important for us is just another number for the doctor.
I agree with Rama, be positive and specific. Aren't there any local computer nerds around where you live? Do you have Craigslist or some other means to reach these people? It is not difficult to change from one computer to another and I am sure someone would come to you to do this and for half that cost!

Sean said...

It is certainly a test of more than patience to wait that long for your results. It is a circumstance that is not in your control, so changing the way you think about it is the only choice you have. You know you are loved and you have many friends praying for you. We are all with you in spirit my friend. xo

Sami said...


I'm sorry you have to wait so long to see your doctor. Try to plan something every day that you look forward to to help pass the time. I know you are limited with activities you can do, but try to find some that work for you. For example, I love movies. So Tuesday are my night to go out to the movies with John (half price Tuesday tickets!). I also make plans to grab coffee with a friend, or have another friend over for lunch, etc. Little things to look forward to :-)

Alli said...

Cheryl I was just going to say what Stonepost said,. Find a computer geek, a teenager most are very savy with computers.
Cheryl I just checked and this is the Aussie version of KIJIJI

Here my dear gal pal is the link::

Click on the area you live and look under computers or Electronics can't remember and I was just there. there are various sites that can come to your home or repai add, remove things from your computer.
I use KIJIJI all the time never had issues with them and I would never refer you if I was not confident you would be successful. Those at the store are robbing you and shame on them!!

Now as for the long wait. I would call ask about seeing the replacemet Dr about the results. I think it's terrible to make you wait...
Cheryl please check the link.......
Hugs our way.... remember time to empower ourselves!!

Love Alli xxoo

artistdeb said...

thinkin of ya

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I can imagine how very disappointing it had to of been learning that you have to wait until February the 24th for your results, it astonishes me how a doctor can go on leave knowing that the extra time can be a some what of an anxious wait especially when waiting for the results of tests.....My thoughts are with you and I pray you have a positive result!

The Dragon, speech recognition software is fantastic Cheryl, you will love it and even though it is frustrating having to wait the extra time, I know the benefits you will gain will enhance your life tremendously.

Im sending you gentle hugs and praying your computer will be up and running perfectly for you Monday.

~Edwina said...

DO NOT listen to people like Rama!!! The Bible is full of hope and the word hope! She could not be a woman of faith if she does not have hope!!

Your life is exceedingly difficult, and it breaks my heart, but without faith in God and hope, we are all lost. Why not just give up now? Even though my precious James died 4 weeks ago, the hope I will see him, again, is part of what's getting me through this terrible time. Hope is what everyone with a serious illness clings to, regardless of whether they have a happy ending. Take away some one's hope and you've taken away EVERYTHING!!

Here's part of my blog post about hope.

"Hope is not just a four-letter word. Hope is a very real and powerful thing. It begins like the bubbles from my dishwasher but eventually, can take over our dreams and our hearts. Hope is the belief that nothing is for certain. Hope puts ideas into motion, educates children and frees people from the shackles of illness and poverty. Hope enables us to visualize new things on the horizon and miracles yet to be created. What would we be without hope? Every time we surrender our hope, we stop living and believing in life, and as soon as we stop believing, we lose more than our hope. We lose a part of who we can become.

Hope is intangible but at the same time, you can almost reach out and touch it!"


sm said...

good luck for test
yes i agree with Rama, Be positive

Chez said...

Edwina, this definitely appears to be another hurdle; a massive challenge for me. Thankfully, there is enormous strength gained from my 'Dream Team' and, of course, my faith which never lets me down.
I anticipate something will 'turn up' my beautiful friend.
So pleased you made mention of the Dragon programme. In what context do you know of it? Have you used it personally? I am so grateful to you for letting me know lovely lady. Learning to master it will be a bit 'time consuming' while using it will be 'time saving.' Great!!!
Much love to you Chez xo

Kaz said...

Chez my dear friend,you know my feeling here.xoxo

Brenda well written glad to see you wrote this.I as well hope i see my daughter again and Chez the other day told me something that chance my way of thinking.

Love you Chez always.xoxo Kaz

Talha said...

I pray with all my heart that you may recover fully and never feel any pain again.