Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Medical Matters..

This has been an amazing week and I am so glad of the opportunity to share with you some of the highlights.
Wednesday morning I arrived at my regular medical practice to see a doctor that I had not seen previously. You may be aware that my doctor has been absent for some time.
Dr Mark Henderson welcomed me warmly. It was his second day at the practice. I briefly described my current situation explaining that I did not necessarily like taking prescription drugs, particularly morphine, which is absolutely essential at this time. Remembering that I have also been seeing Dr F in Sydney, I do not have complete medical records at the Adamstown practice. Dr Henderson did not seem to think it was an unusual request. I felt immediately that our doctor/patient relationship would be based on trust.
I gave him the run down on the testing, knowing that the outcome confirmed that there was no evidence of skeletal metastases, but it still does not give us an explanation for the pain which requires desperate measure to control.
Dr Henderson asked if I had experienced any sweats. I explained that I thought the ones I had were related to the heat but wondered why he asked. He thought it could have been a low grade infection. He then did the extraordinary and asked what I thought about iridology. Wow! I was impressed! Explained that I was a patient of Nancy Evelyn and it turned out that he is also. Done! Happy to make an appointment with Nancy to check out the possibility of infection using iridology as the diagnostic tool.
Before leaving I asked about seeing him at a later date knowing how hard it is to get an appointment these days. He advised me to tell the girls at reception that I was to have an appointment any time I phoned irrespective of how busy he was.
The real surprise came when I went to pay the bill only to be told that the good doctor said I was to be bulk billed. For those not familiar with the terms Medicare is Australia’s universal health care system. Medicare ensures that all Australians have access to free or low-cost medical, optometrical and hospital care while being free to choose private health services and in special circumstances allied health services.
Seems I have found myself a new doctor! Praise the Lord


Diane Rodgers said...

Oh My dear Cheryl!!!!!!
This is wonderful news!!!!! I am so excited......See the doors are beginning to open for you!!!!!
I feel so elated right now I can't type fast enough....hahaha This is DOCTOR who cares!!!! He will see you whenever you need him and bulk the bill.....
"Praise the Lord" is right, thank you, Jesus, and Jezz and Matt and Kassie, and all of you angels gathered around my dear friend!
I will sleep better tonight knowing we are making a breakthrough....holding each other up...through thick and thin.
Now get to the bottom of this pain...maybe an infection??? Let it be something simple and curable.
Goodnight from here to there, Cheryl....I love you!!!!

Chez said...

Hey Diane I too am excited!

This has been a big week and there is so much to tell you all that I have to do it via blog or I would be typing for ages to get it all out.
Unfortunately the pain in the arm has been horrific and I have had to 'double' up on medication. Some days I simply cannot go on computer although I have withdrawl symptoms like you would not believe. Today has been a good day although I have some news about the thrombosis and thanks to Pauls input I have more direction and know where I am going.
Yes! Thanks to our angels and our friendships.
The sun shines on our lives...
Sleep tight tonight xo
God Bless my dear friend...

Susan said...

Praise the Lord...
It's amazing to me that you mentioned iridology. That was how I found out I had breast cancer. Iridology here in the states is not really recognized, nor are herbs for healing...although some doctor's now are beginning to recognize the healing powers of herbs. I thank God every day for his healing herbs.
God Bless you my sweet friend and keep the faith.

Chez said...

Susan I am not sure that you remember although I did state somewhere that at the time of my original diagnosis I prayed to be led to the people that could help me and also to be given the gift of discernment to protect me from evil forces.

I believe that is the reason that I have survived all of this and that there is work for me to do.

I was in hospital in 1998 on enormous doses of morphine after being diagnosed with a mass in the pelvic wall. One of the nursing staff suggested seeing Nancy Evelyn as a herbalist. Nancy, whose books were closed at the time, answered the phone on the day I made the call. She was happy to take my on as a patient. I attribute so much to her. She was also one of two people I phoned from Melbourne at the time of Jeremy's accident. Both she and Paul have always been there for me.

I feel truly blessed to be surrounded my amazing people. I believe I have been put here for a reason and it is up to me to find out what the reason is.

Susan it is disappointing to know that the medical profession does not wish to see anyone succeed with a treatment for cancer. I understand more people make a living from cancer than die from it.

It seems that for those of us who have faith, and a belief in ourselves, that there are ways to allow the healing to take place. Maybe my lesson is to live with cancer rather than to die from it. I pray for healing and receive many blessings. This blog is proof of that..

Of course it was also interesting to learn that more people die from thrombosis than cancer.

There is a message. God Bless you my dear friend.

diane said...

You are one lucky lady to have found a new doctor that you are happy with and is supportive of natural medicine. Hope he will help you with that pain.

Chez said...

Diane I certainly think it is a bonus. I spoke to Ellen at the Herbalist and she spoke very highly of Mark. It is a blessing to find someone that will respect my choice with complimentary and alternative medicine. Wow!
This is so good for me as normally I am ostracised..