Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Step Foreward

Guess it is about three weeks since I gave up my regular habit of being on the computer blogging, lighting candles on Memory-of sites and emailing near and distant friends. It was August 2008 that the debilitating pain in my right shoulder and arm began. I have been taking Oxycontin and Endone since the beginning of January. There is never a time that I am completely pain free.

An ultrasound yesterday confirmed that I do have very pronounced bursitis of the right shoulder. It seems that there could be another problem as it appears that the tingling and numbness in the three middle fingers of that hand is not related to the bursitis.

I will be seeing my doctor on Thursday for confirmation and treatment options. The length of time taken to diagnose the problem could, in fact, mean that choices for treatment are limited. Too late for simple steps like rest ice and elevation although I have been doing that for the past three weeks.

An injection of coirticosteroid drugs into the bursa, under ultrasound is often recommended. Given that I have lymphoedema in that arm there are risks involved with needles into the lymphoedema arm. At the time of the mastectomy the instructions were very clear. Any activity that involves the risk of broken skin leading to infection and possible cellulitis is to be avoided.

Yesterday while waiting in the doctor's rooms I sat next to a patient that was coughing and spluttering. I immediately thought of whooping cough - without the whoop, or even pneumonia. After dinner I became aware that I had a sore throat. Being me, I decided to gargle with my Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and even took a dose, not taking into account that it could see the morphine in my body as a foreign substance and knock it right out. That done, I found myself in extreme pain, which is not being controlled by the 20mg of Oxycontin which I currently take night and morning.

A very valuable lesson; I am paying the price.


mandy said...

Dear Chez if it doesn`t rain it pours...Fingers crossed the diagnosis hasn`t been too long for a result in which it can be fixed or at least some relief from the pain....
As for the sore throat I too have woken feeling the same way...Looks like something is going around..I`m fighting it but i`m not liking my chances....
Well dear friend I hope for some good news when you visit the doctor next....I will be thinking of you..xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend i don't understand why it took so long to find out why u were in so much pain for so long, why couldn't the doctor find this out months ago and u wouldn't had to go through all this pain and now u not sure what can be done. I guess here i want to believe it would of been found sooner as it should of there. I so hope there is something that can be done as u can't keep going through this awful pain.. Will be with u always sweet friend.. Lots of love and sending TLC my friend...
Karen xoxo

Chez said...

Thank your Mandy. LOL to you my friend. I guess it would have helped if I actually had pain in the shoulder. In fact, it began under the shoulder blade.
Maybe the sore throat is just something that is going around. Haydn accused me of being paranoid! I won't do it again in a hurry

Chez said...

Karen my friend. Why are you not curled up in bed? I am sure that it is past your bedtime.
Boy this has been a rough day! Valuable lesson last night. Did not realise just how much I was getting from the morphine as I am still in pain. It just eases it!
Thank you special friend. I am just about to use the ice on my arm. I am not really sure that it makes that much difference. Pray our angels will come through with the message.

bevally said...

evening Chez.
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bevally said...

evening Chez.
I have been having problems with arthritis, shoulder, hands, and knees, I got myself an Electrical Nerve Stimulation system, designed for relief and management of chronic pain.I fine it very good for my pain, if your interested I can fill you in on it. Bev

Starry said...

One step forward and we all hold our breaths, so many are hoping for you to get all the healing you can.
What a pity it wasn't treated before you did all that gardening. I can only hope for you, and always do, there must be something...
Love and prayers, Starry xxxx

Lisa said...

oh groan- poor, poor you- i know too well about the effects of mixed up meds- poor you Lisa xx

Audrey said...

Chez, my heart breaks reading this post! When I was on chemo I was told that I needed to avoid getting infection AT ALL COSTS - no eating in public places even. I followed the advice to the letter, and still ended up in the emergency room, having spiked a fever as a result of infection. I WAS TERRIFIED! So I understand your concern and worry.

As for the pain...no one should have to endure pain for as long as you have. I pray that they are able to resolve this for you SOON!
Biggest hugs my sweet, sweet friend. And thank you for your kind words. Alwayw!

Diane Rodgers said...

Hi Cheryl,
So sad that it has taken so long to get to the cause of your pain. Sometimes I wonder about doctors and how they seem to miss so much. It is just awful you have had to put up with so much pain for so darn long! Let's hope now for the right treatment to rid you of this pain...

I was thinking they would give you a shot as you said of the cortisone and I am hoping you can do it as it brings such relief.

As always I am praying for you and now waiting once again for the doctor appointment Thursday.

If love can heal you, my friend then you will be healed!

We all love you and want so much for you to be well...

Chez said...

Thanks Bevally. I may well be interested in that.
Will check with the doctor tomorrow and see what my options are and then get back to you.
I am pretty desperate at this stage.

Chez said...

Hey Starry 'The King' is on about my use of the computer and the fact that I must have known it was adding to (or even causing the problem)
Unfortunately this has brought out his worst side adding to my dilemma.
At lease it gives me an idea for my next Post which is not far away.
Take care my friend. All things are possible with the love and support of friends xo

Chez said...

Hi Lisa..I am discovering that bursitis is very common and I should have known better with the meds.
I have really had enough of this now. Somewhere I am missing something vital..
Each day I practically beg to be shown the way.

Chez said...

Sweet Audrey today I have been accused of being paranoid after stating simply that there were risks. Oh well! At the end of the day the decision will be mine. I can handle this.
I hate to hear stories such as yours knowing the trauma of ending up in emergency. The journey is difficult enough without added pressures.
I am over the pain for sure.
The kind words came easily. You have found your way into my heart in such a short time.
God Bless my friend

Chez said...

Diane Rodgers my special friend.
I too, wonder why it has taken so long to get the diagnosis. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that at no time, until now, did I actually have pain in the shoulder. I am optimistic that tomorrow will give me some alternatives.
I think that both you and Karen know I could not have gotten through this period without your friendship and support. Even when I am unable to be on here you never fail to keep in touch and let me know how much you care.
This is certainly a friendship to treasure. xo

Anonymous said...

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