Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Unusual Messenger

This morning I received a card, wishing me good health and a lifetime of beautiful sunsets. It came from Kim, a delightful, but distant friend. In the card she mentioned that she was to have a psychic reading today with Jacki at Warners Bay.

This afternoon I phoned to thank her for the card. Her voice was animated and she began the conversation by saying that she had been waiting for my call.

It was amazing! I learned that my name had come up throughout the reading.

Jacki began by asking 'Who is Cheryl'

Kim said that I was her friend.

Jacki said there was something about breast cancer and that I am causing my own cancer problems. She went on to say 'She is angry at losing her son.' Her son says it was time for him to go. If he had not been taken in a motor vehicle accident it would have happened in some other way.

Kim was was writing furiously at this time and amazed that she was learning so much from Jeremy, through Jacki.

Kim, realised at this time that she was feeling pain in her neck.

Jacki said 'You have a problem with your neck!'

Kim replied that there was nothing that she was aware of and was laughing when I told her this afternoon that my General Practitioner, Dr De Souza had suggested to me on Monday that he thought that one of my problems was coming from my neck and the area of the T2. He suggested that I could have several problems, the major one being in the area of the neck/upper spine. We will be looking to do a CAT Scan once the ultrasound has been done of the right shoulder. That is scheduled for Monday morning.

Jacki said there is something about a web site and that Jeremy is always with me when I am on the site. How proud I am to have had the opportunity to set up a Memory-of site to keep his memory alive. Through the site, I now share the journey with my amazing Angel Family friends.

Jeremy wanted us to know that there was someone with him at the time of his passing. I am not surprised by that, but now wonder if he is in fact referring to Michael, who came upon the accident and held Jezz in his arms as he took his final breath. Just maybe, it could have been his much loved Dad who lost his battle with cancer in 1994.

Jacki to Kim; Cheryl's son says for Mum to 'Wake up to herself!' She is doing this to herself. She must want to live!

I have been told that I must write 'The Book.'

Laughingly I asked Kim how she felt about paying for a reading that so obviously had important messages for me. I think, just maybe, it is time I took her to lunch.

As I sign off for the evening, with love and gratitude, I would like to say how much I appreciate your Comments to my Posts. I feel your warmth and support. It does have a huge bearing on my ability to get through each day at this very difficult time.

I find that I am still able to follow your blogs but not always able to leave comments due to my current limitations. This has certainly gone on much longer than I would have expected however, I find myself being patient as I seek the answers that will allow the healing to take place.


Lisa said...

angels are everywhere my friend. I am gald the message got to you xx

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I can only imagine how much comfort you must have received from hearing this news! I am a believer in angels and I believe that the ones we love find ways to get messages to us. I am happy that Jezz has a "voice" through which you can hear him.
Big hugs,

Diane Rodgers said...

WOW Cheryl!
I have read this and I am rereading to try to get it all in my head and heart! Amazing my friend.....your son Jeremy has found yet another way to get to you and tell you how very much he is always with you...that it was time for him to go and that he was not alone when the accident happened!!! To KNOW that is such a MIRACLE Cheryl... I so struggle with that with my Matthew....

Now the message to you from your precious son is TO WAKE UP TO YOURSELF... I believe you are doing just that, little by little it is happening.

To be told there is something with your neck also! Finally an answer..
So happy to hear you are going for tests beginning Monday with an ultrasound!

You made my day sweetie...thank God for your friend Kim and for Jacki...You have been given a miraculous gift from Jeremy through the two of them....Run with it now! Ohhhhhhhh.....God love you sweetie...wish I was there to give you the biggest hugs ever!

Love you always.....Diane xox

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie, what a gift that is just so awesome wow know you had to be on cloud nine when you heard from your friend. Remember in your email u told me about your 3 middle fingers going numb and i said maybe a pinch nerve well something with neck could be alot of it my friend..Wow i have the biggest smile on my face, yayyy Cheryl.. Now you know and will be getting more answer Monday.. Cheryl on May 16th. me and 3 other mom's are going to a medium like John Edwards but not him there are only going to be 40 people allow in now i am real excited to go.. Sending lots of Butterfly Kisses..
Love you lots.

Chez said...

Morning Lisa
Thankfully, I am surrounded by beautiful friends who carry the message when I am unable to be still and listen xo

Chez said...

Audrey, I have continually been amazed at the way Jezz manages to get messages to me.
My friend, I get the message and believe I am doing everything I know and some I am learning along the way, and still the pain persists. I am really digging deep to find the answers.

Chez said...

Dearest Diane Rodgers
I though you would find this interesting. Just had to get it on here. There have been a couple of other things during the past couple of weeks and I just could not get it out there for you to read. I will be doing my best over the next couple of days to do more posts.
My friend the two things that keep coming back to me (for us) 'You'll see it when you believe it!' and our old favourite 'Be still and know that I am God'
Darling I do really believe that, with the love you share with Matt, you will learn from Matt all that you need to give you the peace in your heart. Remember though, balance is the secret. I have done this at great cost. There are other ways.
Haydn is feeling that I am 'different' and says I have probably always been like this. Maybe he finds it hard to understand me.
I am working on getting well enough to come visit as soon as possible dear friend.
In the meantime, I give thanks for the gift of your friendship xo

Chez said...

Hi Karen my dear friend
Does seem like we are getting some answers although ever so slowly. Of course, no one would ever intentionally do this to themselves so I am kicking myself knowing that Jezz has always let me know that my life is exactly that. It is to be lived FOR ME. Oh Well! Have always been a bit of a slow learner.
You have to wait quite a while to see the medium. He must be good. Let's hope it opens new doorways.
It is soo 'cool' to be back here doing what I love.

Sharon said...

Hi Chez, here I am with a smile on my face. The best news ever now run with it and take notice. I believe that all things are connected weither in this world or the next so take good care of yourself and make your son happy. Come Monday and I will be thinking very positively for you. Relax as much as possible over the weekend because you will need everything in you for Monday, not only physically but emotionally as well POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY ALLOWED do you hear me love Nan

Starry said...

hi Chez, great reading! It totally coincides with what I got for you in my 3 card tarot, I will now tell you the most pertinent pieces that expand on what you have heard.
My guide book tells me based on your cards that:
you need more fresh water.
you need to improve the quality of your sleep.
there will be a family issue where you are asked to take sides please do not do this, make the parties sort it out between themselves like grown ups.
"Illusions need to end, you are keeping a blanket of ice over your emotions. Calm your inner confusion and listen to your body it is telling you that you need more time to relax and eat food that protects your nerves."
It also indicated you will work on your book, but need to work on one goal at a time and not take on too much at once.

I know this will sound right to you, because it is the same message you have been getting over and over, we humans take a long time learning, you are no worse than any of us.

Be good to yourself so you can get your long term goals met, you have to look after yourself to have fun in the world.
My love always, xxx Starry

dragonesque said...

Oh my, what an amazing message; certainly a number of things that you can't ignore. Sharing the hope and joy that your angels have brought to you at this time.

diane said...

That must have given you a buzz. Hopefully it will help you be more positive towards your healing.

mandy said...

Hello beautiful girl....
Wow what an amazing message...Everyone has said pretty much what I was going to say....I will be thinking of you come Monday....Rest well my friend and please please start to look after number one....And that means you....
Love to you

Chez said...

Thanks Sharon. It is lovely to hear from you and big thank you for your words of encouragement.
Even checking BigBlog has been in the 'too hard' basket recently.
I am listening. Thank you xo

Chez said...

Starry - thank you my special friend. We are following each other on this one and hopefully it will shortly become clear.
Will print off what you have said as it is good to keep all of this on record.
Boy! Who would have thought it could be this big!
I am using all of the positive energy and reinforcement that is coming to me.
Will email you at a later stage on this one. Have just about used all my compter time this sitting.
Love and blessings

Chez said...

Hi Wendy. There was a time that I never thought this would have been possible.
It is an amazing journey...
Thank you for being part of it.

Chez said...

Diane, I am constantly being amazed by the events that unfold.
Thanks for sharing the journey.

Chez said...

Gorgeous Mandy. How things have changed over the past months. I so miss our daily communications.
I am doing my best to learn what it is that I need to know. Somehow it seems that there is more.
I am going to make the effort to keep writing as the amazing friends that have come into my life are what gets me through the difficult days.
Love and gratitude dear friend