Wednesday, July 21, 2010

He is Special!

I had an appointment to see Dr Milton Sales yesterday.

Some months ago there was a hiccup in the bookings at the doctor's surgery. I was inadvertently booked with a doctor that I had been seeing for over ten years. I had asked to see another doctor because my original doctor had told me, on more than one occasion, that this cancer was going to kill me sooner rather than later. I felt therefore, that he was not at all interested in treating me for other issues. On one occasion he suggested the 'other' problem was the least of my worries.

There must have been a level of distress that showed. Maybe it was because I whimpered 'I cannot see Dr ?' The receptionist immediately sensed a problem and suggested she would solve it. When she approached me some 5 minutes later she asked 'Would you mind if I put you in with Dr Milton Sales' My reaction? I quickly replied that I felt like a star on a Christmas tree. I knew that Dr Sales' books had been closed for many years. He has a wonderful reputation in the Lake Macquarie region.

Dr Sales appeared to be genuinely interested in my case. This is not uncommon due to the nature of the recurrence; it is quite complex. Cancer in the brachial plexus appears to be quite rare. There has to be some PLUS in all of this. I was very happy with the consult. I was even happier when I went to pay the bill and was told that I had been Bulk Billed. Normally, I would pay $68 and then claim my Medicare rebate of just over $30. This represents a huge saving for me as an oncology patient.

While on the subject of savings, I am immensely grateful to the imaging facilities that also have a policy of Bulk Billing oncology patients. This represents a HUGE saving. Last year I had a CAT Scan along with a Bone Scan. The cost was over $900 and I received just over $400 from Medicare. Once again, a huge out of pocket expense.

So. As a way of saying 'Thank you for making a difference' I called into the florist and had them make up a bunch of iris with golden yellow gerberas in appreciation. I really wanted this very special doctor to feel my gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Chez,so glad you have found a great doctor that gives you the care you need and has a great heart at that.Gentle hugs from miles across.
Love always girlfriend.Kaz.xoxo

Debby said...

After visit after visit to oncologists, I had an appointment with my family doctor. He explained the difference between scar tissue and new cancer growth, he was so patient about answering questions that really, I started feeling tearful. This embarrassed me, and I said, "I know it's foolish, but these lumps and bumps worry me in the middle of the night." And he said, "Of course they will." Chez? Not one oncologist seems to understand the post treatment worries. Not one. They just sweep aside everything w/ "There's no reason to be concerned." Which makes me feel like a big hypochondriac.

sunflower said...

Cheryl, being able to see a caring Dr. means the world in a situation like yours! Seems as though today that quality care has been replaced with quantity which leads to seemingly a $ more than anything else! There are a few compassionate ones around and you seem to have found him on Wednesday! Great, hope it continues for you there!

Starry said...

I have just read through and caught up on the posts I've missed.
I'm glad to hear you got to see Dr Sales and the flowers sound like a beautiful idea. I am very lucky to be bulk billed always by my doctor, I only seem to go once a month now but it used to be weekly and the bulk billing was therefore very necessary.
I hope your angels keep helping you get the proper care and attention you deserve.
xoxoxox Starry

Chez said...

Kaz, this doc has made a HUGE difference. Just as you have my friend xo

Chez said...

I hear you Debby.
I must be especially careful as I often get teary when I talk about Jeremy - my spirit child. Somehow that has succeeded in putting my cancer in a back seat position.
I am so pleased that your family doctor makes a difference. You deserve that. And more xo

Chez said...

Sunflower it seems to me that we are at grave risk of having both medical and dental services corporatised in Australia. The days of the good, old family doctor are a thing of the past. Goodness, we all need to have a doctor who cares about more than the bottom line. I give thanks that I have found such a doctor.
Like good friends. We need them.
God's Blessings always xoxo

Chez said...

Starry, think I remember saying to you on a previous occasion that you have found a treasure in your family doctor. More importantly, you appreciate the listening ear and the skilled professional that he is, and know that you will not have the added burden of out of pocket expenses. The GAP is widening as we know.
Always good to catch up with you here my friend.
Love always xo