Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yesterday's News

Yesterday we attended a 40th birthday celebration. The winter weather was a warm 16 degrees, making it a perfect day for Al Fresco dining.

The celebration was for one of Haydn's nephews. According to the boys, Uncle Hayd was a big influence on them, especially after the death of their Dad. Apparently Uncle Hayd taught them to barrack loudly for the Parramatta Eels Rugby League team, while relentlessly bagging the opposition. A vote of thanks was given by the 'Birthday Boy' who claimed that without that influence they would have been complete 'nerds'. Interesting in light of the fact that Uncle Haydn has never played any sport, let alone league.

The comment was made that the family do not normally 'do' celebrations well. I doubt that to be true and I do not believe it has anything to do with the fact that they lived on a farm, in relative isolation. A rough estimate of numbers would be approximately 25 adults with around the same number of children. Everything ran very smoothly, leading me to reflect on the day's events as we drove home.

The story goes that the boys were practically dragged to church each week and looked for any excuse that gave them the opportunity to renege. I married Haydn in 1996 and it has only been in the past couple of years that two of the four boys moved to this area. One of them a minister at a church in East Maitland, another recommended for the position of minister at a church in Muswellbrook and soon to take up the post. Interestingly, each of the boys attended Bible College where they met and married truly delightful young women. This appears to have set them up for life.

Having seen the families together, during both work and play, it is obvious that they have a profound sense of committment and unity. I believe this comes from their deep and abiding faith; a common bond and a shared interest. I admire and respect each of these families as their belief in the Lord God our Saviour is tangible and definitely something to be emulated.

A valuable lesson learned and, on reflection, the incentive I need to make changes in my own life.


Anonymous said...

Chez glad you had a good time with Hayden family.sounds like you will get plenty of faith with the family.xo Kaz

diane said...

Glad you could celebrate with the family. They sound a nice family to know and be related to. You belong well with them as yo are committed to helping others too.

sunflower said...

Glad you had a rewarding family outing Cheryl...sounds nice to have been left with reflective thoughts and a motive to change things you see may need attention. I find that this is always a comfort and a blessing when we are inspired by whatever means, that distills in us a desire to make improvements! We surely all need to be attentive in this department, certainly I for one! Actually this is a lifelong work we should do each day! Nice that you found strength and growth in Hayden's nephews settled life! True blessings my friend, as you are for so many that has been motivated by you often!! Love and hugs Cheryl xoxo