Friday, September 24, 2010

'Self Imposed' Exile Over

Today my life changed! After 12 months of a 'self imposed' exile I DROVE MYSELF to East Maitland. Alleluia!

There were several contributing factors that saw me give up my right to share the roadway with fellow drivers. There was the tragic motor vehicle accident that took my much loved youngest son and saw him join his beloved Dad in Eternal Life. Then there was the fatigue that plagued me since the completion of radiotherapy in June 2009. Thrown into the mix was the dreadful pain, and prescribed opiates and other medications, to control it. As a result of the Metastic Breast Ca in the Brachial Plexus, I no longer had control of my dominant right arm/hand. We also upgraded our motor vehicle to a 4WD, which seemed to me to be bigger over all.

So I sat at home on the farm alone and lonely, except for the days that I attended yoga and Tai Chi. That is until today! Two beautiful friends, Sonya and Glenys, were heading this way for an appointment. They suggested it would be a perfect opportunity for us to get together for lunch. I even tried to renege on the deal last night, but, thankfully, Haydn refused to be a party to my insecurities and lack of confidence. He reminded me that my journey today was only 4 times to the village of Gresford and return. That's one way of putting things into perspective!

So, I did it! After saying a prayer to Saint Christopher, and asking the Lord to protect me and other road users, I headed off. It was a delightful day of perfect spring weather. My time spent with 2 very special friends has put me into a new place. I feel I have regained a level of independence not seen for 18 months.


Kaz said...

Chez so good to read this,so so proud of you and i know you was scared from our talk.Now i hope you can do it more.Biggest hugs that i have ever send to you.

xo my dear friend.xo

Cheryl said...

Kazzy very appropriate for Meg's birthday eh? Now I am wondering why it has taken me so long sweetie. Feels great. Hugs always xo

mandy said...

Good for you Chez, so pleased to hear that you had the courage and determination to take on a challenge and succeed....

Julie Goodale said...

Congrats, Chez. I'm so pleased you stopped by my blog to "introduce" yourself. And glad that on my first visit here I could read about your strength in facing such a big fear.

Alli said...

**Standing up clapping**

WOW!! That was wonderful I am so happy you took the step to move ahead.
It's that fear of moving but once we put one foot in front of the of the other things turn out great!!
We wonder what took so long as you said......

Love Alli....xxoo

Chez said...

Mandy, it really does feel as if I am able to regain at least some of my life.
Lovely to see you here again. Will pop over to check out your latest post.

Cheryl said...

Julie, thanks for your positive support. Your blog has become a very useful tool since discovering it. Working my way through some of the stretches to help me overcome my limited range of movement post radiotherapy.

Cheryl said...

Chez...taking a bow. Thank you Alli.
I think we know that fear is the thing that holds us back and yet we allow it to raise its head from time to time. Suspect my doctor got sick of my asking about driving while taking so many prescription medications. Anyway. It is now behind me.
So sorry you have had such a dreadful day. I am sending healing thoughts. Hope your doctor will come up with the best form of treatment that will see you out of pain. Permanently!
Hugs my 'new' friend xo

WhiteStone said...

Oh, I am so glad for you to be taking this, this drive! And wise of Haydn to recognize that you could do this! And to encourage you to do so!

diane b said...

I'm so proud of you that you tried this and succeeded. It must have been a huge task but a very rewarding one. Goodonya!

Cheryl said...

WhiteStone, Haydn had gone to Newcastle for business and I had asked to be dropped off. Not only did he encourage me to drive myself, he rewarded me with flowers. Just beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Diane, it will definitely make life so much easier. Funny how fear has a habit of creeping up on us if we let it.
Your holiday pics are amazing!

Starry Strange said...

yay! good for you for going through with your lovely plans and for Hadyn supporting you. Its great to see you triumphing over that terrible, bleak word 'exile'.

Keep expanding your life, you have much enjoyment to fit into your days.

I pray for your pain and fatigue to abate enough for you to find more time and freedom.

love you, xoxox Starry

Diane Rodgers said...

OH Cheryl....
I am so happy to read this just now tonight!!!! Free at last.... free at last!!!!

So very proud of you to muster up the courage and go for maybe you won't have to move????

Keep going forward ....How do I somehow know you will? lol

Hayden is a good man by the way....You have been blessed to have him through all of these troubled times.

Love to you my friend,

Cheryl said...

That is so sweet Starry. Having flowers from Haydn certainly added to the excitement:) Clap...clap
So much more that I wish to do in this lifetime and yet I really do not have a 'Bucket List'
The fatigue can probably be helped by better eating habits, with no sugar, and more exercise.
Look I come girl
Luv ya Chez xo

Cheryl said...

Diane, it is lovely to see you here so openly sharing my joy in spite of your own sorrow. You are so right. Haydn is a good man. Being able to do things on my own will definitely improve our relationship as he was beginning to let his lack of love for shopping show. Oh boy! Good times ahead.
Please let your Mom know that she is being embraced from afar. I believe that, as a family, you will always have these wonderful memories. Not everyone would embrace the situation as you have done.
God's blessings my friend xo

Unknown said...

Wow Cheryl, this was so exciting to read my friend! I am so happy for you that you found the courage to take on what had seemed impossible to you! I know this had to have released a new found joy and a big boost of special renewed strength to you! You are a conqueror in so many of prayer, faith, positive attitude and strong determination!!! Way to go girlfriend! xoxoxo

Jeanne Marren Egan said...

I am so delighted to hear this news!!! You are so brave to overcome those fears.