Saturday, September 18, 2010

Floriade 2010

Floriade is the largest garden show in Australia. I think!
There is nothing quite like a field of pink tulips [especially for you Karen]

Pictures courtesy of the Floriade official web site
I am hoping to visit and see all of this for myself for myself
All this and so much more
Floriade comes from the Latin word floriat, which means to design with flowers.

Over 1 million bulbs and annuals are planted each year for Floriade, depending on the garden bed design.

A mix of flowers, predominantly bulbs create the kaleidoscope of colours that set the backdrop to Floriade. Some of the blooms include tulips, irises, daffodils, hyacinths, violas, chrysanthemums, ranunculus and daisies.

There were tears of joy when Haydn surprised me today by suggesting that we spend a few days in Canberra to take in the sights of Floriade. Given that my gardening days are numbered, I was relieved to feel my enthusiasm is still very much alive.

Yesterday I became aware of soreness and pain on my right side, in the area of my latest breast lump, which is just below the collar bone. Tonight it appears to be warm, and even more painful. I suspect there is inflammation. I am in a dilemma! Do I begin taking antibiotics? As I am prone to cellulitis my doctor advocates always have a prescription for antibiotics made up and ready for any emergency. My question? Is this an emergency?

Spring and Floriade go hand in gardening glove and I want very much to have this opportunity. I am prepared to put up with the joint pain, and sit as often as required, as long as I can make it.

Fortunately, I have an appointment to see my doctor Tuesday and yet I know if there is inflammation, and cellulitis, it will have taken hold.

Tonight my prayers will definitely be for healing.


Kaz said...

Awww Chezzy,yes pink tulips will soon be in Kassie garden as you know.I so hope you are able to take Hayden up on this,can i come?? It is just beautiful i am sure.

Chez hope you do what is in your heart as you always know your body well,please don't wait to long as you will suffer longer and you know this.

Love & Hugs always my friend.xo

Cheryl said...

Thanks Kaz. Thought you would like the tulips! I do hope that I am imagining this problem with inflammation. Seems OK this morning.
Just held my 'hug' card for my daily hug.
Love and friendship xo
Hey. Did you sign up? See you have signed in as Kaz.

Kaz said...

yes and next yr. will show you my pink tulips.Oh Chez hope you are to my friend.More hugs coming.No i didn't do anything that hadn't done before and i really think i signed up when u first went to this blog.

Love always,Kaz.xo