Sunday, June 26, 2011

'Change Starts When Someone sees the Next Step' - William Drayton

'Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.'
- Author Unknown

Thursday morning arrived; we were up early in readiness for our departure to attend my 8am appointment with the Physiotherapist at the Mater Hospital. Leaving the farm before 7am left me sufficient time to pop my head into the radiotherapy waiting room. I wanted to check if my Sister and Brother-in-Law were there. B-I-L Brian is currently undergoing radiation, following hormone treatment for prostate cancer. Unfortunately, our paths did not cross on that day.

I headed upstairs and waited in anticipation of Judith's arrival. Her face broke into a smile when she recognised me. Interestingly, my file was not available, due to my appointment with 'Dr Amazing' as Emmy now has me referring to him. Shortly, there was a knock at the door heralding the arrival of my file. I was impressed! The Mater is a huge facility. It is very easy for things to go missing, which was the case with my scans recently. They did not reappear for months.

Judith noted that it was 14 months since my last appointment.  I was happy to give the explanation that her instructions were always clear, allowing me every opportunity to undertake practise on my own. With a home based programme, along with regular Tai Chi and Yoga classes, I have been successful in my efforts to keep the swelling under control. It is only when changes occur that I get myself into trouble. This appeared to be one of those occasions.

It was a surprise, and somewhat of a relief, to hear her say the lower arm was surprisingly soft on examination. A good starting place!  We have learned from experience that manual lymphatic drainage is not necessarily a good thing for me owing to a case of cellulitis following treatment with another therapist. During the examination, she was able to check areas that would be effected by spread to the brachial plexus. She did speak to me as she worked, noting both good and not so good points.

I let her know that Dr Andre wanted her to call him at the end of our consult. The hour went quickly. I felt comfortable to question her on her findings, asking her about her 'report' to 'Dr Amazing.' She did say that in spite of the 'positives' she was concerned about many issues.

At lunchtime on Friday, Haydn and I had gone downstairs to our vehicle when we heard the telephone ringing upstairs. There was no way we could make it back up in time to answer it so we made the decision to let it go to Message Bank. It was then the Cell Phone began to ring however, it was in a bag on the rear seat. Oh well! Time to attend to those calls on our return. That was not to be! The upstairs phone rang again; Haydn went bounding up the stairs three at a time. He called loudly to inform me that it was the Mater Hospital advising me of an appointment had been made for a PET Scan. As I headed upstairs the Cell Phone started again. This was getting to be ridiculous! This time, breathing heavily, I answered it to hear the voice of 'Dr Amazing.' He too was ringing to let me know about my upcoming PET Scan. My mind was ticking over. This sounds like 'serious' stuff.


Kaz said...

Chez Emmy is right about Dr glad they all are getting you straight to quickly as they can soon you get answer i hope.guess by the many phones calls they wanted you to answer.always saying the special prayer.will be waiting to here what you find out gorgeous friend.

Always in my heart.Love Kazzy.xo

Anonymous said...

Chez - I am happy to hear that they have you scheduled for a PET scan. It is, in my opinion, one of the most thorough scans available - it is a very expensive machine that few medical facilities have the luxury of having in their possession - and it is utilized to really get to the bottom of issues. That way, Doctors are better equipped to treat us. is a good thing that you are getting a PET scan! You clearly DO have a "Dr Amazing!"

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you as you continue on your journey!

Carole said...

Dear Chez,

PET scans are brilliant, I had to 'fight' for mine back in September last year so it's great that you're getting one without any hassle.

PETs are so informative compared to other scans and as we all know ignoring things doesn't make them go away (unfortunately) so best to know what's what and what's not :-)

Thinking of you always special lady xxxx

Diane Rodgers said...

My Dear Cheryl,

It is good that they have you scheduled for the pet scan and you will know what you are or aren't facing. I have to admit I am nervous waiting to hear from you as I so want this to not be spreading. I am sure your Dr. Amazing will do the very best treatments for you as you go forward ...we are all here standing with you with so much love and prayer to see you through. May God hold you in the palm of his hand and lift you above whatever it is you are facing.

Love always sweet friend,