Friday, January 16, 2009

'Good' Advice

For some time I had been concerned about the fungus in my nails. I had stopped having my regular pedicures and was painting on a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution night and morning.

At the back of my mind there was an awareness that the tumour removed at the time of my mastectomy was fungating. Not sure that there is any relationship, but I was not prepared to take unnecessary risks at this time.

Tuesday I ask Dr F in Sydney for an opinion. He presented me with a hypodermic syringe and asked if I had any Tea Tea Oil. Does not every Australian home have a bottle handy?

I have now filled the syringe with pure Tea Tree Oil and, placing the needle carefully from the side under the nail, I ensure that the Tea Tree Oil saturates the nail bed.

I am optimistic! It will take some months for the results to become obvious.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl,
I just took a chance to see if you had come to this blog yet and you did! ohhhhhhhhh Cheryl, I have used tea tree oil also! It works! Had the fungus on my big toe nails. I just applied it with the brush daily a few times and it works!!!! So injecting it will be even better I think.They sell it at the beauty supply house I go to, and it sure stinks but does the trick. Only thing is it takes some time to work so just keep doing it. I haven't used it for a very long time and I need to start again as they are getting thick again. Right now just trying to stay warm!
Have a good day and I love ya lots!

Cheryl said...

Hello Luv.
So! We are on the same wavelength with the nail fungus also? Funny thing. Imagine sharing a common bond such as nail fungus. It is possible that your bottle of Tea Tree Oil comes from Australia also.
The good news with the syringe is that I do not actually have to inject it into the skin. Placing it sideways under the nail apparently allows it to go into the nail bed which will take care of the fungus at the root cause. I do know that it is a difficult thing to get rid of.
My friend, I am, thankfully, feeling more like my old self and looking forward to many hours of writing. I will keep a careful eye on this arm as I really do not want to find myself in the same position.
Think it is definitely time to go back to my old brand of notebook computer and move back into the office. Had not had this problem previously.
Love you dear friend....

diane b said...

Fungus in nails...that sounds grim. Hope the Tee tree oil works, it is magic stuff I use it for a variety of things but never thought to use it on a skin fungus that I have. Must try it. Take care.
Diane B

mandy said...

Tree tea oil is marvellous for all things...Even head get to know these things when you have kids at school.....One of the many things they contract during their time at school....

Glad to see you are feeling better within yourself....I hope you are getting that rest though....

Cheryl said...

Hi Diane
Feel blessed that you have not had the wretched thing in your nails. It is quite difficult to kill off..

I love Tea Tree Oil. Being one to test the more natural remedies before visiting the pharmacy I find it brilliant for lots of things.

Do hope you are surviving the holiday period! Seems to have been 'full on' for you..

Take care and lots of lovely sightseeing. Enjoy your pics..

Cheryl said...

Thankfully Mandy we seem to be over the head lice although Haydn's daughter Alex has had them through her household several times recently.

Still showing concern for others my friend. You are such a sweetie! Can tell you how to sleep soundly for nine hours now. That is if you do not mind being dosed up on Oxycontin...

I am looking forward to getting back to running the two blogs. I find the writing very therapeutic..

Big hug to you LOL Do hope Matt is doing OK. Does he have dates for treatment?