Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Believe in Angels

Each day I give thanks for the special people that cross my path bringing with them their very personal gifts.

A special Thank You to Liz Hayes, Mum to Angel Raymond for this verse written especially for me.

Sunshine and rainbows, laughter and rain
Buttercups, butterflies, ladybirds and pain
These are my memories, dedicated and true
I clasp them so close, they remind me of you.

In my heart lives a world where you'll always belong
My baby, my son, so handsome, so strong.
I don't want the future, I yearn for the past
My memories are with me and I know they will last.

When you left me the pain I just couldn't endure
It takes so long to heal because a Mother's Love is so pure
When you thought I was wrong and I just wanted to nag,
When you where so far in front and I was starting to lag.

But out of the blue you sent angels to me,
Called me friend, my eyes opened and started to see.
I wasn't alone, they offered their hearts,
I melted a bit and knew 'its a start'.

In my grief and my misery, others were there
With they're memories, stories and support 'worth the share'.
No more isolation, no longer alone,
I can e-mail, light candles or maybe even phone.

From me to you Cheryl
The outstretched arm of friendship reaches far across the miles,
It's there to make you happy and I hope it makes you smile xxxx

The above two lines are the end of the poem, but they are from me to you xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,
What a beautiful poem from your very dear friend ... you have so so many!
Your love and care for others Cheryl, draws so many to you! (Including me!)

It is now only 27 minutes till midnight here - 2009... praying it will be a better year for all of us in this crazy world. If not personal pain, the pain in this world is so great also.

Today ...Jan. 1st is our wedding anniversary...37 years! Hard to believe. Life was so good for so long and for that I am truly thankful. A new normal now is what we have to learn to live with and we are all doing our very best trying to do just that.

You my friend, have a battle laid before you ... adding to the battles you already have. I pray you find the strength to keep going forward with a positive and loving attitude which you have had ...

If love is the healer then you my dear Cheryl are healed!

Happy healthy cancer free new year to you ... this is how I am looking at 2009...

Love to you today and always,

Cheryl said...

Diane Rodgers, my gorgeous friend

I thank you for your beautiful sentiments. Not one to think about leaving this earth without making a difference. I have learned that the smallest thing can made a huge difference. A kind word, a smile, a hug, to hear the words 'I love you' are all things that make the world go round. There are no material things that can give me the same joy.

Congratulations on your 37 year achievement. A milestone to be truly proud of. So many don't make it for whatever reason...

Life is good, although very different.

Today I feel energised and elated and ready to do whatever it takes. I feel in my heart that I will be OK.

Will do my post on bigblog about my surprise in the garden today.

Also think I will do a series of posts on my cancer journey here. It has been interesting....

Thank you for your love and friendship xoxdox

yevisha said...

hi Cheryl, that's a lovely poem. friends are life's special gifts. just popped in to say hi. :0

Cheryl said...

Evening Yevisha
Thanks for coming by.
All the best for '09

diane b said...

You have some lovely caring friends and i hope they help you through your life of challenges.
Hopefully you will be able to find the right treatment for you to live a longer happy life.

mandy said...

Good evening Chez...
A wonderful heartfelt poem....Beautiful...
I hope that today has been better for you...

Cheryl said...

Afternoon Diane

Where would we be without our friends? I give thanks every day for my beautiful friends. That definitely includes my current blogging 'buddies'
Will certainly be doing my best to get some relief from this pain and find the solution to the problem. I have just about reached the end of my teather.
Take care

Cheryl said...

Afternoon Mandy.. LOL
A couple of quiet days as I struggle to pick myself up.
Look forward to getting around the traps to see what I have missed.
Trust the weather has been pleasant in your state. We are expecting it to 'hot' up here...