Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Help from the Australian Taxpayer

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

Is there such a thing as 'something' for 'nothing?' My answer to that would have to be 'yes,' and 'no.' Maybe I am a little confused!  I have always said that 'nothing' is 'free' and yet it seems I receive 'plenty' just  doing what I love. Writing my Blog gives me such pure joy that I  am in touch with these feelings  knowing that my Followers are growing in number. In the process I am left with Comments that gladden my heart, providing love, wisdom and so much more. I continue to meet the most amazing people to whom I am very grateful.

I am also grateful to my doctor and my dentist. My dentist advised me of an Australian Government programme providing dental treatment to patients living with chronic medical conditions, and complex care needs as verified by a General Medical Practitioner. I approached my doctor who duly ticked all the boxes and decided that I was indeed eligible for the programme providing AU$4,250 over two years. Although I am no longer a taxpayer, I have paid taxes all my working life. Maybe this is what Karma is all about?

Given that the condition of my teeth, and gums, are deteriorating as a result of medications taken to prolong my life it is imperative that I receive regular check-ups. It was at my scheduled appointment yesterday that I discovered there was a glitch in the system and my application had not been processed. On learning this Dr Amna Khan, my dentist, advised me there would be NO CHARGE for yesterday's consultation. Not only is she a wonderful dentist she is a superb human being.

So, to the Australian Taxpayers, my doctor, my dentist and Blog Buddies I say 'THANK YOU.'

Thanks also to my wonderful Case Manager Trish. I was excited at the prospect of having a Scribe for 4 hours. She was due here this morning at 10.30am  to do my Christmas Cards. I waited in anticipation, knowing there are friends with whom I have had no contact this past 12 months. A Christmas message lets them know I am still around. This is another funded service; maybe it's a case of 'good help is hard to find.' Apparently the Scribe claimed she could not find our place; rather than contact her employer for further instructions, she left the area.

I am left waiting...waiting....waiting.


Kaz said...

Chez so glad you have good docs that look out for you but still i think you are that one that looks out for you.Chez always have said this,you rock girlfriend and deserve to be treated like a queen.

Oh sweetie no cards being down,gee and you was worry about not having cards. Hope they are coming back this week.

Many gentle hugs my dear friend,you mean the world to me.

Love Kaz...xoxo

Chez said...

Kaz, my friend, was initially very disappointed as I have no idea when there will be someone here. I will send an email to my Case Manager tonight.
Sweetie there are some benefits to me with a chronic illness, although not too many. Normally, expenses come out of my tight budget.
Gentle thoughts of our enduring friendship xo

diane said...

I'm glad you have partially scored some bonuses.If I lived closer, I would scribe for you. I remember doing it for my mother when she lost her marbles.

stonepost said...

Chez, your wonderful blog is my Christmas card and it is enough. I do believe that a society will be judged by how they treat their elders, their infirm and their children. In USA, without a good insurance plan you get pretty much nothing and I have seen patients kicked out of treatment because their insurance ran out!

nancyspoint said...

I am happy you have met some good people on your journey, such as your wonderful dentist. I, too, would scribe for you if that was a possibility. I'm sorry writing is so hard for you, but luckily you can still work at your computer. I hope you count me as one of you blog friends, as I count you as one of mine. I decided I'm not doing christmas cards this year. Just not in the mood, does that make me sound Scroogish?

BreastCancerSisterhood.com said...

Darling Cheryl, Wish I were there with you. We could twirl around the room, dancing like little girls, caught up only in the moment of being ballerinas. No illness, no worries, no tomorrows. Just girlfriends having fun. Again, you're in my prayers. Love, Brenda

Paul C said...

You provide a very meaningful quote and reflection. I just said a prayer about your condition and spirit.

nollyposh said...

Lovely to meet you Chez and Thankyou for the info on the dentist (A really important issue)... Do you have access to a Home visit Palliative Nurses care program? i have and they are so very helpful with all the extra's such as the Scribe you spoke about and also such things as massage, art & music therapy, and counseling... (They would follow up for you if people didn't show up) i look forward to getting back to your blog and getting to know you X:-)

Chez said...

Diane, my difficulty lies in the relocation to the farm. Timing is everything. Your Mum was so very lucky to have you.

Chez said...

StonePost I have been told that about the healthcare system in the USA. We do have problems however, I personally feel very blessed as I have not yet been disadvantaged by the shartage of beds etc. We have a very good cancer hospital in our town.
Thank you for accepting my writings as your Christmas card. You have expressed the true Spirit of Christmas. Love and gratitude.

Chez said...

Nancy, I feel you have shown real wisdom in not sending Christmas cards. Tells me that you know your friends do not have expectations; you are truly blessed. Your health must come first. You have had a huge 6 months. Take the time to fully recover.
As for our friendship I most definitely feel it is an honour to have formed a wonderful friendship with you.

Chez said...

My darling Brenda with tearm streaming down my cheeks, I give thanks for the gift of your friendship. If only that were possible...
You are such a priceless gift and have certainly been sent to gladden my heart sweet friend xo

Chez said...

Thank you for thinking of me in prayer Paul.

Chez said...

NollyPosh I feel extremely happy to have come across your blog. This past week I have made contact with 2 bloggers from Victoria. A rarity!
If you have not been introduced to the Dental Plan I would certainly act sooner rather than later. Funding is becoming more of an issue.
I do have Palliative Care help which is wonderful. We live in a rural situation so the services make a huge difference. We do not have the other services that you have mentioned although they are available at the Mater hospital.
I too look forward to getting to learn more about you.
For now, I ask that your body and spirit mend and you are able to continue doing all the activities you enjoy.