Saturday, August 27, 2011

Remember Me

'Remember me in the family tree
My name, my days, my strife;
Then I'll ride upon the wings of time
And live an endless life.'
- Linda Goetsch

In a conversation with my daughter M recently I was reminded of what I see as the importance of what I do. My 14 year old Granddaughter had asked her Mother about coming to visit. Being aware of my current circumstances, T had asked about them coming to stay at the farm. She pointed out to her Mum that she was afraid I would be gone before she really got to know me. I felt truly blessed to be told that my caring, delightful 14 y.o. Granddaughter really wanted to spend more time getting to know me. Is it only distance that separates us, or is it possible to live in close proximity and still not know someone?

It is a set of circumstances that has kept us apart over recent years. My daughter has been undergoing chemotherapy, plus being fed another dreadful drug for a condition that is not cancer related. While I have been enduring side effects of illness, and treatment, daughter M has had a dreadful time with no family support at all. It has amazed me that, as a single Mum with three children, she has continued to put one foot in front of the other in order to get through the days, in spite of regular hospital admissions and every conceivable side effect. Having endured treatment, she now has to live with unimaginable pain, as a result of rheumatoid arthritis - a side effect of treatment. Unfortunately, she was not informed of the potential for anything like that, so she does not know if she would have continued treatment, given all the facts.

Over recent weeks Haydn and I have been planning a road trip to Victoria [health permitting] to spend time with my family. In the meantime, I have made the decision to stop spending time shredding personal papers. Beautiful cards written so lovingly, bundled in ribbon, along with many years of personal letters and journals, will all be left here for family members to read if they so desire. After all, if my family feel they do not know me, they can get to know me through others eyes, through reading all that has been written over the years. I have always been an avid letter writer.

Of course, that also includes my blog which, I trust, will be like the indelible influence of a loving grandmother. I explained to my daughter that information missing now, will surely be highlighted in both my writing, and the thoughts of others, who have so lovingly taken the time to send me such beautiful cards as well as to correspond over the years.

On that glorious day when we are united as family in Eternity we will already have made our acquaintance.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Granddaughter T sounds like a gem. And you have so much to share with her. I do hope they spend some time with you at the farm even though your daughter is having so many challenges too.

I try to tell stories too in my blog for my grandbabies.

Kaz said...

Chezzy you know how i feel here.

Chez have to say what a glorious day that will be,know so well what it will be..

Gentle Hugs and always my special prayers to you my friend.

Love Love Love Always.Kaz.xoxo

Rama Ananth said...

Of course we will all remember you, just as you remember us, and keep in touch with us by blogging about your life, sharing your problems with us and also never failing to visit us and making it a point to leave some inspiring comments on blogs. What a fantastic person you are, and you will be always etched in our hearts forever.
Wish you a happy holiday with your family, and come back with lots of pictures.

Diane Rodgers said...

Cheryl, Dearest friend of mine...

You will always live on.... be remembered with so much love ... we have come to know you so well through our kids deaths, through face book, through personal emails and phone calls....never meeting you in person but coming to love you as a very best friend.

My tears are dripping now as I type this to you...your family ... your precious granddaughter who wants to come to know you better...she WILL know of you as she reads your beautiful writings and letters and cards sent to you. She will come to know what a beautiful soul you are and will continue to be for all of time...

Your footprints are left on many hearts ... your kind and gentle heart is felt by me and so many others who have come to know you so well....distance ... or closeness ... love has no time travels to where it is meant to go... to who it is meant to touch and to comfort and to learn...

You have done this and more for your family and friends all over the world...I love you sweet friend...Forever and always I will love you ... in this world and the next as love truly never dies...

I continue to pray for you every day ... Lord, Please grant my friend mercy and peace...make her pain free and well... wrap your arms around her and protect her...May your will be done in her, tomorrow, and for all of eternity.

Love you as always dear Cheryl...forever and always I will love you,


Diana Doyle said...

Dear Chez,

XXX to you. I'm sure you are doing a lot of soul searching and deep thinking about everything.

What a wonderful gift to give your grand daughter...the gift of time!

I have beautiful memories of time spent with my Nanna in Victora. She taught me to play chess and cards. I do get sad sometimes that Dempsey will never have that generation connection with her grandparents as they are so far away.

And as for the cards, from someone who has been there....there is nothing better than sitting quietly and reading the words of a special mum....I found a whole box of letters and cards mum had kept...ones from my sister at her first year at college, all hand written. Her personality comes through on every page and will be priceless for her twin daughters in the future who never knew her. I'm glad you decided to keep everything.

As always, you are in my thoughts. Sending love and healing hugs to you.

Diana x