Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Day of Torment

It is with a heavy heart that I compose myself sufficiently to complete this Post. Worsening conditions are predicted for townships in Victoria's north-east and Gippsland regions. This area is close to my heart and the focus of today's Post.

This picture was taken in Dargo, which is one of the areas being threatened. Jeremy on the far right (arms raised, blue tank top) made it his favourite place to celebrate occasions such as New Year, Australia Day and Easter. I have wonderful memories of the fun and friendship he found in the region. I remember the laughter, as he related some of the stories/antics, that only he could feel comfortable to share with his Mother.

A hellish ligh descneds outside Dargo (The Age Newspaper)
With twenty-four fires burning out of control in Victoria there are some 4000 firefighters battling the blaze and 1800 hectares of bush burned.
I have now learned that Megan's partner Jason is expecting to move his log harvesting equipment from the coup to the firefront at Dargo.
Jason and Megan were successful when the DSE called for Tenders with five year contracts; Jason now logs the area.
In times of emergency he is called on to use his equipment.
When Megan told me that they could be put under contract to The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) later in the week I knew that they would be protected. Jeremy's Spirit lives on in the area. Megan will take Jeremy's love with her as protection.

In February 2007 I was in the area when something like 47 fires joined up to form the Great Divide Complex. Jason's machinery, under contract to DSE was used in the firefighting efforts. That became Megan's first experience of being on the front line of firefighting.
While we are experiencing the worst bushfires in Australia's history Haydn and I sit at home watching the news and feeling absolutely useless.
We realise that things in NSW are still uncertain. We have only to look at our own property to realise that now may not be the 'perfect' time to leave home to help others. The picture from our window is very much of a sunburnt country.
We will certainly be putting our names forward, when the time comes, to began the rebuilding programme. After all, Haydn is supportive of the fact that I have lived as many years in Victoria as I have in NSW. East Gippsland was home to me for many years. I have wonderful memories and treasured friendships.


mandy said...

It`s a sad sad day that`s for sure Cheryl....Realisation for many would have hit home today whether it be lost friends or family or the loss of their homes....
It`s amazing how Australians will dig deep to help out another fellow Aussie in times of need....
I have an Aunt keeping me up to daye on what`s happening to friends and family over in Vic...
I know how you feel , being helpless.....
My prayers go out to all that it has affected and I pray that your daughter and son in law will be alright in doing their bit to help those in need out....

Diane Rodgers said...

Just getting my 1st cup of coffee and came to here to check to see what is happening.
Your post today,Cheryl....with Jeremy's photo with his friends just touched my heart knowing he is with you and Megan and Jason... amazing to know we can count on him for protection along with God's other angels!
Your decision to stay put for now was a wise one...also putting Jeremy's things in a safe place...praying that nothing more happens and the work of rebuilding begins in the lives of those who lost so very much. You and dear Hayden will go when the time is just right to help.
This "connection" between us is for a reason...if nothing more than for support, love and care. Karen is amazing too have many who will be there for you sweet lady ~ there and here in USA.
Keeping you and those you love in my prayers and heart.
Today, Tomorrow & Forever..

Sean said...

Unbelievable devastation...I was reading some testimonials on the BBC news site and they were heartbreaking. Fires spreading so quickly people could not escape. Our hearts are with you Cheryl, we pray for Megan and Jason's safety in their efforts.

Chez said...

Morning Mandy, as an Australian it is hard to believe that we have the two extremes with the floods in Qld almost being overlooked with the tragedy in Vic.
Times have changed and we now find that we have family and friends in each state of Australia and so this effects us all.
Mandy, I cannot imagine what it is like in the burns unit of the Alfred hospital. My heart aches for them.
Mandy, let us join together in prayer. The extent of this is incomprehensible.

Chez said...

Diane, now I am having my first cup of coffee as I write this.
I am overcome by the emotion of all of this. From the many reports it happens so quickly and with such verocity that people are simply not prepared.
The Indigenous people handled the bush so differnetly. Surely we must be asking some questions about the need for the 'green' vote?
I continue to be amazed by the strength that comes from the love and friendship of my Angel Family friends.
Bless you my friend. Maybe you could help Karen to leave a Comment? She struggles with it yet is a great advocate.
Love and friendship

Chez said...

Sean, yet again, I find my strength from the love and support of my Angel Family friends. Thank you for dropping by.
I know that Jezz's spirit will be ever present as he loved the area so very much.
Megan and Jason will be affected as the bush is Jason's life. Not sure what will happen to the contracts if there is nothing there to log.
Sean, it is incomprehensible.
I am so grateful to you for your support my friend.

Starry said...

Hi Chez, I know how it feels to sit at home powerless, I am now reasonably confident that my brother and partner Gina will be okay (we heard last night that they are home safe). I can only hope that you get the same news in time, I bet Megan is a brave spirit, a fighter. My thoughts are with you, and your family, and with all the people touched by this disaster.
I hope you are well, but suspect you are in a pain jag as I haven't seen you around on the computer (good girl, don't come back too soon), love you,
Starry xxx

Chez said...

Hi Starry
Yes! You are right about the pain. I have been conspicious by my absence.
My herbalist did have a few words to say yesterday about ignoring the pain to do Jeremy's garden. It just seemed the 'right' thing to do as it was definitely a labour of love.
Pleased to hear that all is well with your brother and his partner. I think we have become such a transient nation that we all have family/friends in other states.
Pleased to hear you are cooking 'proper' food for you and your Dad.
Thinking of you my friend

WILBO43 said...

Just read in the Courier Mail about the village of Marysville that has all but disappeared. We've stayed there in a beautiful country lodge and for dinner walked down to the pub. The next day we visited their Police Museum which was staffed by an elderly chap who spoke with passion about the place. Now it's all gone. Very sad....

diane said...

Hope Megan and Jason keep safe.
A tragedy for your homeland.

Chez said...

Bill, I have spent the past couple of days cleaning out my Inbox only to find that what I thought was being saved has actually been deleted. Not sure how it happened! Among the forwards that was lost was one that had the most beautiful artwork apparently from an artist at Marysville. I will see if any of my friends can oblige me by sending it back to me. If you like I may be able to e-mail it to you.
Thanks for visiting and your comment. I do sometimes check out your blogs.

Chez said...

Thanks Diane. I have some pics taken just two years ago when the area had bushfires followed by floods.
Mother Nature, combined with other factors giving us more challenges.