Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Go Zone

The unthinkable has happened! I have been given the message - no computer for at least 7 days. Yes! I am having withdrawls and it is not easy.
As you know I was scheduled to see Nancy Evelyn, my much loved and respected herbalist yesterday. Nancy has been with me on this journey since 1998; she is scratching her head.
I was distraught! Nancy does not have the answers either. The iris shows an overall improvement with only small areas of inflammation. Nancy suggested that Bowen Therapy may be useful. As often happens, I was one jump ahead of her and had previously made an appointment to see a new Bowen therapist in the afternoon.
I approached my appointment with Steve, from Advanced Body Network, with an open mind. After explaining the symptoms to him he took his book and showed me how the nerves affecting the arm come from the neck. Basically, he said it could be a simple neck problem. If I had three treatments and there was no noticeable difference then we were wasting our time (and money)
I know that since Jeremy's accident in November 2006, I have totally ignored the signs. I continued to drink the coffee and pay little attention to my acid/akaline balance. In December 2008 the voice in my head said that I was doing this to myself. Why did I think that I could reverse the damage in one day? For 2 years I had not honoured my body. So. I am a slow learner..
As Steve commenced the treatment, I found tears welling in my eyes. I felt the presence of our precious angels and the background music was 'A Hundred Thousand Angels' by Bliss. I am familiar with the song as I have it at home and listen to it often.
My angel guides whispered in my ear 'no computer for 7 days'
As much as I love to blog, missing everything about the writing, and the fabulous friendships, I feel I must listen to the Word of Knowledge that has been given to me with such love.
If I have not replied to your comment on my previous post, please understand that the pain is just too intense to allow me to continue.
I intend to be back, bigger and better than ever. And pain free! I will be counting the minutes....
Many blessings and much gratitude until then..


Lisa said...

yes, listen to your guides- i live by mine xxx

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see you back - I was worried about you! Hope the pain soon leaves,and you are feeling better soon. Thinking of you!

Diane Rodgers said...

Oh Cheryl,
Thank God.......You are home and not laying somewhere as I had imagined in my mind's eye.... Just staying off the computer I can handle with ease....well??? No just kidding....I think this word of knowledge you my dear must listen to them who have been with you whispering in your ear what to do....

You did this blog so do you have to start the 7 days over from now??? I hope the little cheat counts towards the 7 days!

I feel a breakthrough has come to you and I need to thank the Lord for that and our angels...
have to listen to "A 100,000 Angels" too...I think I know it but not sure!

I have to work in half an hour and need to get ready or I would write all day!

God Love You my sweet friend and may you begin on your pathway to healing....

Much love to you,
Today, tomorrow and forever...

Sean said...

You know we all love you dear Cheryl...praying for you that the rest and therapy will be the answer

Daria said...

7 days no computer ... yuk!

Good luck with the treatment and know that we'll be here waiting for you ... bigger and better.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Wow!! Fantastic blog you have going here. Mind if I follow?
Please visit me at mine if you have a moment or two.
Take good care and........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl,
Yes will miss u lots in the 7 days but u need to get better to keep going, knew our angels would come through, you will have so much to write when u come back but hope u space yourself as you come back. Will carry u in my heart everyday, u are so loved my dear friend.
Sending Butterfly Kisses miles across.
Luv u sweetie.

mandy said...

You take all the time you need Cheryl...You of all people know your body and if it takes no blogging then so be it....
Know that you are always in my prayers and that soon you will be pain free....

Starry said...

well well, you won't be able to break the 7 days coz we will all know! that's fantastic, please do it, I know i get terrible shoulder pain from long hours on the computer, time away will be ideal. Not to say I won't miss you, but it is for your own good so I don't mind at all, anything to help my dear friend Chez. You are so special, get better, get stronger, you are rebuilding your body.
xxx Starry

diane said...

Good luck in your endeavour.

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