Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surgery for Ness

I have had to 'make do' with one of the few pictures that I have on file of Vanessa. This one was taken when we gathered for a Butterfly Release and dinner on the occasion of the first anniversary of Jeremy's passing. Ella, my precious Granddaughter is telling her a 'tall' tale.
Today is the day that Vanessa was scheduled to undergo a mastectomy in Bairnsdale Victoria. As Ness is just 32 years of age, I am reminded that cancer does not discriminate.
I became aware throughout the day that my behaviour was somewhat unusual as I consumed almost a block of chocolate and countless cups of Chai Latte as I waited for the phone call to tell me that she was out of surgery and in recovery.
I knew that Ness was scheduled to be admitted at 9am this morning. The doctor planned to do a Sentinel Node Biopsy which would be performed prior to her surgery. This is done to determine if there is any spread to the lymph nodes.
As Ness had organised for her younger sister Bec to call me with news, I was thrilled to hear that she was in surgery about 3pm. It was expected to take just over 2 hours.
I found myself eating chocolate rather than dinner as I sat waiting for the phone to ring. 'The King' said he was happy with left-overs.
It was almost 9pm when Bec called to say that Ness was in recovery. My understanding is that there is some concern. It appears to be more serious than first thought. I have been told that all of the glands have been removed and there is a problem with the sternum which had not shown up in the scans last week.
As I sit doing this entry, I am aware of just how difficult it is for me with so many memories of my own journey.
Ness has had the experience of learning to move gracefully down the path of grief. She will find herself on a similar path as she comes to term with the loss of a breast. Although this is completely different, it will refresh memories and can be a very emotional time, probably even more so for one so young.
Let us pray that the Light of Love will enter her body as our love, friendship and support help her body to heal and allow her true spirit to shine.
I cannot imagine where I would be today, if it were not for the very special friends that have given me a heart full of joy.
Please pray for Ness


diane said...

That is bad news about Vanessa. So young, too young. Hopefully she will get through the long haul healing process successfully.

Daria said...


It was a joy to receive a comment from you. Thank you for visiting.

I plan on following your blog.

I too know of a young lady aged 31 diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. I only know of her through her blog but it just as heart breaking as if she was a close friend.

I look forward to reading more...

Diane Rodgers said...

My dearest friend,
I am just heart broken as I have just read this after waiting for an email or a facebook reply.....was getting really concerned...and finally came here.

This news of Ness having more problems than the doctor's is not what any of us wanted to hear. Now we must pray and continue to pray for her to come to terms with all she will have to go through ... like she hasn't had enough already with grieving for Jeremy.

Cheryl, I am worried about you ... I know you always look at the bright side of life ... Ness is going to need your love and strength as she begins this long road to healing.

My prayers, as always, will be for the Lord to give you strength, and words of wisdom and hope ~ for your dear Ness. You are a God send to her in this time ...

Love to you my special friend,


Sean said...

Bless you for the love you continue to show others Cheryl. Vanessa has her own earthbound angel in you. I pray for healing for Vanessa and also for you.

Chez said...

Diane,I know that she is a very spiritual young woman. I pray that she will find the strength and determination to fight and will feel the support and love of us all.
I believe even the doctors are asking 'why' these days.

Chez said...

Daria, my thanks for visiting. I find myself interested in following the journey of others in a similar situation.

Although there is a sadness in surrounding myself with Bereaved Parents and Breast Cancer Survivors I have found strength and comfort comes also from Blogging and the friendships I have formed.

I look forward to following your journey..

Chez said...

Diane Rodgers, my dear friend you must not worry about me. Promise that you will not. I have learned that it does not change anything and at the end of the day prevents us from our real purpose.
Granted I did drink too much Chai Latte yesterday. And. Of course there was the chocolate. Now that was not good, however it was only one day, and as you know I managed with less morphine throughout the day.
Know you are working today. Will get some news on Ness and do another Post rather than reply individually.
Thank you for caring so much..

Chez said...

Sean.. that is so sweet and I thank you. You know how important you are to me. There is never a day goes by that I do not think of you and your precious family.
I have worked out that I must be a bit of a 'control' freak. I find it relatively easy [most times] to live with my own cancer and yet this has been a roller coaster ride of emotions.
I do not know how I would manage without the comfort that comes from my very special friends and the knowledge that you are all part of this extroardinary journey of faith and trust.

Starry said...

Hi Chez,
well, even my faith is being tested with Vanessa's trial, as I am wavering in my conviction of what I told you about her. But I have to recognise this is my usual lack of confidence and doubt that has held me back for years, I have to show the faith in what I am told just as much as Vanessa needs to have faith and think positively, we are all tested, but Ness is on the frontline of this test. I cannot easily rest on this matter, I am wavering just as I was when I feared the worse for you earlier this year.
I hope you will get a sense from Vanessa soon that she is ready to face this bravely and gracefully, she is full of grace.
xxx Starry

mandy said...

Hello Chez, I`m so sorry to hear that this could be worse than expected...Let`s hope nothing to serious...My prayers are with Ness...
Now about you, I do hope that everything is going well...I worry about you Cheryl...I did giggle to myself with you chomping away on that chocolate...If it was the same as you sent me then it`s understandable...Not the easiest to stop at just one piece...
Please amongst all of this going on around you that you do stop and keep tending to your own needs...I`m sure those around you will understand fully....

Chez said...

'Oh ye of little faith' Starry - what can I say that will change your self talk?
Starry, I have learned that no matter what, it is the confidence that comes with those intuitive thoughts and feelings that gives us HOPE.
I have learned, NEVER, EVER, NEVER GIVE UP! I think that is called HOPE.
I have been on the receiving end of your sweetness.
All will be well....

Chez said...

Mandy, must admit that I did have a couple of bad days and then I remembered where I had been at the end of last year. I do not want to go there again so I soon got myself back on the rails.
I am still on the morphine and have no idea what the answers are. Yesterday I managed with less and then found myself awake at 3am. I have quite enjoyed sleeping all night so I do not really want to go back there.
Not much news on Ness however, I will do a Post this morning with what I know.