Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on Ness

My conversation with Ness yesterday was brief. Sent some flowers off in the morning and she said her room resembled a busy florist shop. That brought joy to my heart.

Apparently the morphine, given post surgery, caused a reaction. She had a sleepless night, the staff making every effort to settle down the skin rash that was preventing her from sleeping. It was still a problem when we spoke. I understand she has now been given pethidine to relieve the pain.

I am still unsure of the extent of the surgery and the removal of lymph nodes. Ness indicated that the discomfort in the sternum was related to the removal of the glands (lymph nodes) in that area.

Her son Dilon arrived to see her at the time of my call. I could hear the excitement in her voice as we said our goodbyes.

No doubt, it will be a time of mixed emotions as the healing process begins. There will be much uncertainty as she learns what follow-up is recommended.

The journey has only just begun.


Diane Rodgers said...

Hi my dear Cheryl,
I just arrived home after babysitting for Kerri today. It was fun to be with the kids...they are precious and make me laugh!

Poor Ness...having a bad allergic reaction to the morphine on top of all of the extensive surgery she glad to hear her room was full of flowers, which means she is surrounded in love!

Do you have an address I can have to send her a card? How long will she be in the hospital? Probably her home address would be good as it takes so long to go to Australia.

I read in your facebook that you were up at 3 in a.m.???? In bad pain again?....What is causing this??? I am so concerned and please Cheryl, don't worry about me worrying....I can handle it my friend...the last thing I want is for you to not share with me... honestly...ok? ok then.....

Love you my special friend,

Karen said...

Hey Sweetie,
so sorry to hear that Ness had a reaction to the morphine. Ness is loved alot and Jezz is looking down on her along with all the angels. Hope you sleep better tonight.. hope this post go through.
Love & hugs friend

Chez said...

What a team you make Diane and Karen. It is truly a delight to know that you have helped Karen and she is now able to leave a Comment.
Well done!!

Chez said...

Hi Diane
I think it is wonderful that you get such joy from babysitting and the grandkids certainly keep you young and laughing.
I think it has been a bit tough for Ness. I will not phone her today as I know what it is like in hospital.
They would now have breast care nurses and physios attending to her to get her up and moving. It is so important to do the exercises from day dot.
I do have an address and I will send that to you via e-mail. She would be delighted to receive a card from you.
The pain is certainly getting to me. A day of organising the study and I paid the price. Big time!
If only we knew what was causing the problem.
OK gorgeous friend. Will not worry about you. You can do it for both of us which will free me up.
I appreciate that!
Love & gratitude my dear friend. Butterfly kisses all the way from me to you xo

Chez said...

Hey Karen I will have to write this in my diary. You are doing so well with all these new skills. Know Kassie is smiling as she though you would never 'get' it. She is so proud of her beautifu Mum.
I do hope Ness is feeling better today.
Have to make a quick get a way as 'The King' is back and I do not want to get busted

Starry said...

Hey Chez, I'm back. And I mean 'I'm' back, back in confidence and belief in my message to you re Vanessa. Sorry I had a dark day and I hope my doubt didn't rub off on you.
I stand by what I said.
I was raised in an environment that suppressed my talents and made me doubt myself and too anxious to share what I should. Yesterdays doubt came from that and from my great fear of raising your hopes then having you be blindsided when things didn't come out the way I said. You are especially dear to me and the thought of failing you is horrible. But as I said, I am back, and I am not afraid today, I hope you won't be unduly worried either. If Ness had to climb Mt Everest to get better, that is just what she'd do.
Now, how are you? Pain and fretful sleep I would guess, and are you eating comfort foods and throwing the diet out? Well, you can just get back on the wagon, if you fall or jump off doensn't mean you have to stay off for good, it just meant in that moment it felt better to be off.
Love you always, Starry

Chez said...

WOW! Starry that is great news dear friend. There is no room for doubt. I understand exactly what you are say about the lack of confidence coming over many years. Your parents are probably closer to my generation than my Mother but it does seem to be something that is 'passed' on.
Glad you are back. I welcome that as I rely on your positive intuition.
I am on the wagon. Could not stay off as there is no way I want to go back to the dark days of before Christmas. Even this is bad enough.
Yesterday I had a full day sorting in the office. It is looking so much better. Anyway, limited pain relief needed and I shed many tears as I found personal things of belonging to Jezz. This morning I was looking for morphine at 3am. Not good. Maybe one or two extra Chai Latte but otherwise I am eating strictly for my blood type. Expect my herbalist to pick up the changes on Tuesday when I see her.
Much love and gratitude coming to you special friend.
Live life, love and laugh Chez

Sean said...

The journey has only just begun...spoken like the battle experienced warrior you are Cheryl. I am sure you are and will continue to be a beacon of strength for Vanessa. Her room full of flowers reflects much love felt for her...very nice. You certainly have a plateful of challenges Cheryl. Really hoping that you will be provided with relief from your constant pain ASAP. I can't imagine how much it is wearing on you, let alone the frustration of not being able to do the things you like. Know that you are always in our thoughts my dear friend...bless you.

Chez said...

Morning Sean

I did not contact Vanessa yesterday. I know that she is overwhelmed with everything and does have lots of support. I will send her a personal gift once she is home from hospital and I have offered to be there if she wants to talk. Will make an effort to get to see if we can manage a trip to Victoria.

The breast cancer diagnoses is so different for each of us. Today I have lunch with my Group 33 (Breast Cancer Support Group.) About 10 of us meet each month for lunch. To date, I am the only one that has health problems.
Sean, I am truly worn out at the moment. It is just so hard to deal with the constant pain that rules my life. Everything that I do comes at a huge price.

Sean I do miss our e-mails. Is this a lesson for me? Not being able to do the thing I love is very frustrating!

It is always with joy in my heart that make contact with the very special people that have come into my life since beginning this journey. Love and gratitude to you Sean and big hug for Kim.

Anonymous said...

Ness, thank you for popping by. I appreciate it. My prayers are with Ness. Courage!

Chez said...

Audrey, thanks for coming by. I gain enormous strength from the writing and I know the heightened joy of having readers.

Lisa said...

i am so glad you found me- we have a whole group of us local who blog- i will pass your blog address around........
Lisa xx

Michelle said...

One of who, is me (re Lisa's comment) I will be back and am sending healing to your Ness..

mandy said...

Hello Cheryl....
Well I am glad to hear that Ness has high spirits after having such an awful time with the morphine...Flowers do help to cheer anyone up....
I know it`s only early days with Ness but having ao many wonderful friends rallying around and supporting her I believe she will come out the other side of this...My ex mother in law had this battle a few years ago and now she lives a happy normal life.....

Positive minds can be wonderful for healing bodies...That`s the battle.....

Chez said...

Hi Lisa. Thank you for the welcome and I can see you have managed to increase my followers already.

So much to catch up with on with your blog. Could take some time..

Chez said...

Afternoon Michelle

Thanks for finding your way here. I will be heading your way shortly.

Chez said...

Oh Mandy, there are so many great survival stories that I really do know better than to worry. Just seems to me that Ness is far too young. I have not been bothering her each day for a report. I have let her know that I am here when she is ready.

Do hope you are doing OK. I notice from re visiting the pond that you and I are not the only ones struggling to come up with the inspiration to write.

Looking to see if you have posted any pics of your new bracelet.Matt is such a sweetie showing you how much he loves and appreciates you..

dragonesque said...

Blessings, have arrived here also from Lisa's blog. I'm at Thornton so not far I gather. Sending love and healing to Ness, and you...

Chrisy said...

Just popping in after visiting lisa's blog...hope that all goes well for your friend...take care...

diane said...

Well she's over the first hurdle and I hope she will clear all the rest. With your help she has a good chance.

Chez said...

Hi Wendy

Thanks for visiting my blog; great that you live close by.

I am reasonably new to this and write because I enjoy it however, having readers makes it all worthwhile.

Chez said...

Chrisy thanks for calling. Will work my way around to your blog..

Chez said...

Thanks Diane. I have deliberately left her alone these past few days although I plan to call tomorrow. I know she is up to the task.