Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life at the Farm

Life at the farm seems to be 'ever changing' at the moment. Last week we were in the midst of a drought. Temperatures soared reaching 4o degrees plus on some days.

The wallabies, finding little to eat in the paddocks, had decided that the pickings were greener closer to the house. I think they were disappointed!

Saturday was spent indoors as the rain continued. Overnight we woke several times to hear the rain falling.
First thing this morning we checked the rain guage only to discover that we had more than 6 inches of rain overnight.

We grabbed the camera and jumped in the ute. It is unusual to hear the water running off the mountains. Here it is running into an already overflowing dam.

Nowhere for it to go, combined with drainage problems, and it covers the road in and out. We realise that we are in trouble if it continues.

Notice the few raindrops that were on the lens of the camera?

Back to the house to start the generator for our early morning 'cuppa.' We had a power outage that lasted 9 hours.


mandy said...

Good morning Cheryl...What a landscape, simply beautiful especially with the water flowing...A site we don`t see very often especially down here in Adelaide....
Been cooler and i`m hoping we don`t see anymore 40+ degree days...I don`t like them at all...
I`m here all alone today...Kids are at school and Matt is off to fill out papers regarding his mum...She seems to be doing better ...
Hope things are easing on the pain front for you too....Have a fantastic day..xx

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet lady!,

Here's hoping this rain did some good as it has been so awfully dry there for so long. The poor grass and plants and animals need the water desperately. The ground and wood and everything so parched....sure hope it has stopped all the remaining fires and no others start up.

Your land looks so beautiful there when not so dry I am sure it is magnificent. I saw Jeremy's garden there also and it looks like it is surviving! With some cooler weather it will flourish nicely!

I have a question...who will be with Ness when she has her surgery on Wed.? Karen and I were both just wondering and hoping someone will be. Poor sweetie...tell her we are praying, ok?

Talk soon my dear friend,
I Love you,

Cheryl said...

Hi Mandy.
Is it fair to say we are probably both at our wit's end with the heat, the fires and all that has been happening at home?
I have struggled the past week which has been reflected in my inability to keep up to date with my friendships.
Today I decided to rest and avoid taking the morphine only to find I managed to get throught the day but in trouble now at 4pm.
Mandy, LOL even when I do not manage to keep up to date my thoughts are always with you my friend

Cheryl said...

My Dearest Friend Diane
The land was dry, dry, dry which was more noticeable as we have native couch. It loves lots of water! Haydn did say that he would never again buy a property with native couch as it makes planting pasture seed almost impossible and yet the cattle do not eat it.
Jeremy's garden is doing OK. We have had to cut a lot of things back as they were dying off and we were unsure if it was drought or something else. Some of our Australian plants love the bushfires so we cut them back and burn them with a blow torch. Seems to work but not a good look at the moment. Will be better in the autumn. More pics then.
Darling, I will be ringing Ness this evening. She has a wonderful relationship with her Mother and I will be asking her to get her Mum to ring me as soon as possible after the surgery. Thanks so much to you, and also Karen, for caring. Where would I be without you both?
Pain has been too much for me past couple of days. I feel completely overwhelmed sometimes.
Will catch up by e-mail or FB after I get the boss his dinner.
Live life, laugh and love always my dear friend

Unknown said...

Hello Chez, (hm, interesting, I had just decided to call you Cheryl this time and yet look, it is Chez, as usual! I think it is because I have two other Cheryls and no one named Chez but you!)

Well from one extreme to the other, that is what this world is coming to in terms of weather, both summers and winters are more radical each passing year... depressing isn't it.

More depressing news, your wallabies remind me of the awful news that a kangaroo was attacked by two car loads of youths in our outskirts, decapitating it and beating it.... I hope these boys get caught and strung up by their ghoulies for what they've done.

We need to spread our happiness and love to heal the darkness in the world, what a lamp our blogs are, I know I have been much stronger and more positive since starting on bigpond. Your friendship is a candle burning eternally in my heart,
xxx Starry

diane b said...

Australia--- a land of extremes. I bet you were glad of the rain and cool change.Looks like a serene area where you live. Hope the road stays open for you.

Anonymous said...

It was very nice to see pictures of the farm Cheryl. I love the top pic...the view is for miles! I am sure the good soaking you received was very welcome...6" overnight, wow! From one extreme to another...let's hope for something more temperate. Take care my friend.

Cheryl said...

Starry, you will not believe this? I did this enormous reply only to find it disappeared.
I have just taken morphine and it has not yet taken effect so I will not write too much at this time.
Will respond later dear friend.

Cheryl said...

Diane and Sean

I am so pleased to read your comments. This is not a good day pain wise. Please forgive me for not making a comment at this time.

Cheryl said...

Hi Starry
Do hope the day has been a good one for you. I was laughing as I read of your decision to call me Cheryl only to end up with it being Chez. I rather like it now as it always reminds me of Jezz.
Was in so much pain this morning that I simply did not have it in me to re-type my comment.
I am thinking seriously that I will have to reduce the hours I spend on the computer until I at least find out what the problem is.
Cannot believe that we have youths that would do that to a kangaroo.... Let's hope someone does catch them!
It is sometimes so difficult to lift ourselves above the tragedy that surrounds us.
Like your comment about spreading happiness....
Take care my friend

Cheryl said...

Diane you comment is so true. We are certainly a land of extremes. More now that at other times it seems. More flooding on the north coast today.
Rain has held off so we have been able to get in and out.
Are you feeling a little lonely now that the family have departed?

Cheryl said...

Hi Sean
The weather certainly has tested us of late. We had temperatures of over 40 degrees celsius the week prior to the rain.
I have missed keeping in touch. Find myself limiting the time on the computer as I have been in such pain. Surely there must come a day that I wake only to find it has gone for good. I am a bit fed up and find that being on the morphine does have affects that I do not like.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers and I smile as I think of our angels together..