Monday, February 16, 2009

The Recovery Begins

Tragedy taps the spirit of generosity at St Michael's Grammar School in St Kilda. The Principal, Simon Gipson surrounded by good donated in aid of the Bushfire Relief Fund.

This family survey the remains. Attention shifs from recovery to reconstruction. The State Government in Victoria is planning tough new fire regulations. The Premier has said that some planning changes could be introduced prior to the Teague Royal Commission Report.

Marysville residents meet at the Alexandria Relief Centre before being taken to inspect what is left of their homes. The town remains a police crime scene, with unknown number of bodies still to be recovered.
Marysville, a beautiful town nestled in a valley surrounded by waterfalls, creeks and tall mountain ash. Of approximately 200 houses and buildings only about 10 or 12 remain standing.

Pink, who was deeply affected by images of the fires announced a donation of $250,000
Today the first of the Memorial Services was held to celebrate the short life of bushfire victim Greg Lloyd who was looking after a house at Yarra Glen with his girlfriend Melanee Hermocilla and her brother Jason.
The congregation mourned the loss of a deeply committed Christian, who had been School Captain and Dux of Heathdale Cristian College.
A yound man with a zest for life and a booming laugh taken before his time, in tragic circumstances.
The United States have sent a specialist fire crew of 60.
The death toll has now risen to 189.
Let us pray for all whose lives have been lost and those who have lost everything. May the hand of friendship continue for a long as it is needed and beyond...


mandy said...

Hi Chez, although it`s been over a week since that horrible day I still find it very hard to comprehend.....They why`s keep pooing into my head.....Such a waste of life that was caused by a human hand....The generosity of Australians and people across the world has been overwhelming...It`s great to know that when a crisis such as this one we can unite as one...Makes me feel proud.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,

I am so glad to see the recovery is under way and so many people are helping and donating to this cause. It is so sad so many have died needlessly, and others have lost everything they owned. This will take so long to rebuild but it will get done if those offering their help stay with it.
Just know we all care and our hearts, prayers and love are with you all.
Hoping you are feeling a bit better today and not in need of a lot of morphine.
Love you sweetie,thinking of you always,

diane b said...

It is great to see the community spirit shine through in the whole of Australia and elswhere. I hope the kindness and help will continue into the future as these poor people try to restart their lives.

Cheryl said...

Mandy, this week has been such a difficult one for us dear friend.
I sometimes wonder if it has been worse for me because of the morphine and then I read and watch the news and I know we have all been affected.
The response has been overwhelming as you say. I too feel so proud to be an Aussie.
Thinking of you, although I am trying to stay away from the keyboard as much as possible.
Definitely need to work out what I am doing to cause this pain

Cheryl said...

Diane Rodgers thank you so much for your continuing suppost dear friend. You make such a difference to each day!
The pain has been horrific the past couple of days and I am still none the wiser as to the cause.
The police have taken an arsonist into custody and I really think that he will be lucky to survive. Blogs are running hot apparently with all sorts of threats. We just have to ask the question 'What is going on in his head?'
I will visit you on FB to say goodnight sweet friend.

Cheryl said...

Diane the community spirit has certainly shone through. There have been so many stories that have touched me deeply.
Interesting to see that the north coast of NSW is now flooded. You referred to the 'extremes' and here we have it.
Have thoroughly enjoyed following your family outings.

Unknown said...

Hi Chez, what mixed tidings, as with many tragedies, we see the base side of humanity and the great rallying and community spirit too.
Pink is wonderful and compassionate I have had the honour of attending her I'm Not Dead tour and I just adore her.
You are doing a great job sharing this with us Aussies and the world, truly the best way to help is to spread awareness, ignorance is a great obstacle to healing and helping hands.
xxx Starry

Cheryl said...

Hey Starry
Could it possibly be that we are on here at the same time?
I am just about to pack it in for the night and thought I would do a quick check here and how glad I am. Once again I find peace in your enlightening words and give thanks for our very special friendship.
Claire will be going to Pink's next concert and her older sister Alex will be tagging along. Interesting! Wonderful that you too have had the opportunity to enjoy a concert. I found it an amazing gesture and although I realise there have been many very special donations this one seemed to come from a compassionate heart.
God Bless you my friend for always making a difference..

aaaaaaaaaaa said...

So sad, but the way people are banding together is inspiring just makes you realise how much people do care!

Cheryl said...

Shazam, this is one time I am so proud to be Australian.
Although the circumstances are horrific, there is the light that glows in the knowledge that we Aussies are resilient and band together.
The generosity of people is overwhelming.
I thank you for the Comment on your own blog. So glad to catch you here.