Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to Ray's Funeral and Beyond

I think you are probably struggling to put all the pieces of the jigsaw of my life together as you go from post to post. Suddenly, there seems to be so much to say as I awaken each day to the uncertainty of life. With the knowledge that we are born to die, it seems to be perfectly natural to be talking about life and death. Although it was my intention to leave the posts concerning Ray until March - the month in which he was born and died - somehow it has become far too important, so I intend to keep 'plugging' away.

So.. back to the days following Ray's passing. I was still feeling very emotional, and profoundly affected by the fact that the funeral director had suggested he was happy to waive funeral costs. On a subsequent visit, he shared with me that HE felt the love I had for Raymond (a Post for next time.) So, in spite of the many years of hardship as a result of Ray's illness, we still enjoyed a love that shone through. We literally had NO money at the time of Ray's death and here I was being told that Adrian was happy to be of service. I still smile to myself when I reflect on those days. I had a Mother that did not know me and a funeral director that felt he had 'summed' me up in just over one hour.

Once again Megan was more than happy to write a verse to be used as a Return Thanks. She wrote, as usual, from the heart and penned the following:

The sun it shines so bright today
The grass it is so green
The world for him is perfect now
More than it's ever been

This is the time to say to you
How lucky we all are
To have known such a special man
Who sparkled like a star

Although at times the path was rough
And we struggled to get through
Everything worked out for the best
With a little help from you

Remember this in times to come
That in our hearts you'll stay
For it was the strength from others
That helped us on our way

We thank you for your kindness
And all the things you've done
To help us through this time in life
With this loss we feel as one

The love this man has given
Has been returned all round
For even in the tough times
It was peace in life he found

Written by Megan Louise Radford (born 1972)


artistdeb said...

Megan's light shines brightly.

Kaz said...

Chez so powerful as Meg writes,tears in the eyes and still will say a movie i would love to watch and cry over.Chez am so glad to get to know all of you and all who you loved and love you dearly,say more in a email later.
Love and gentle hugs always.Kaz.xoxo

Diane Rodgers said...

Cheryl, It is no surprise to me to see how this funeral directer saw how special a family you and Ray and the kids were....your love always shines through no matter where you are in life ... your life has been an example to so many of what true love really is...your Megan....she is full of that love also and like her Mum she has a way with words...right from her heart to the paper...big hugs sent your way as you share your journey with us.... love...Di

Anonymous said...

What a lovley poem/tribute to such a kind and generous spirit! Your stories of this sad time resonate of the goodness and generosity of the people that we are surrounded by, and I am so grateful that you are sharing them.