Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A quick Post while it is fresh in my mind.
I phoned Paul this afternoon, desperate to control the pain in my arm, shoulder and back.
The discussion led to how long I had been in pain and what I was taking to control it.
When I told him I was taking Nurofen Plus I was told to stop immediately.
It contains 200mg of ibuprofen per tablet and comes with an increased risk of bowel cancer.
He was insistent that we did not want that!
I was told of a patient that had surgery after taking the medication for a period of time and the doctors were unable to close her up due to the increased levels of bacteria.
I found the information on the web interesting when I decided to Google!
Buyer Beware......


diane said...

Welcome to Blogger. Sorry to hear you are in pain and the tablets are dodgy. Thank you for visiting my blog. Blogger does take a bit of getting used to but in the end it is much faster than bb.
I will follow this blog and try to call into your BB too.

Cheryl Radford said...

Diane I have just done a Post on BigBlog telling Carla's story if you are interested.

I do think on my Blogger I will have to go back to that time....

I am looking to keep this as a record for my children.

Thanks for sharing the journey..

mandy said...

Welcome to Blogger, glad you`re here....

A lot less stress over here and you can do your blog at your own leisure...No timing out on you here...lol

Chez Radford said...

Morning Mandy..

I am finding it a little different and feel that I will almost have to go back to get started.
Working out how to go about it and December is a busy month anyway.
Good to see some familiar faces and to feel the welcome..