Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

No! I did not hit the shops today for the Boxing Day sales. I was not really in that space. Instead I choose to sit quietly and reflect on a course of action given my current circumstances.
I was fascinated to find that dozens of little wrens made their way into our garden for the very first time. The striking blue is the male. Wrens appear in folklore all aroung the world. I stood by the kitchen window for some time, watching as they darted in and out amongst the shrubs. Knowing that Boxing Day is also know as St Stephen's Day, or Day of the Wren in Ireland, there simply had to be a message for me.
The book Animal Dreaming, the symbolic and spiritual language of the australian animals by Scott Alexander King gave me the following:
'The Wren heralds the coming of new challenges. It charges us with an unwavering faith in our ability to achieve any goal. Carrying the torch of the East: the beacon of illumination, intuition and the intellect Wren embodies the ability 'to know'. It offers clarity potent enough to shun confusiona and despair forever by acting as the metaphoric light at the end of the tunnel. It maintains mental lucidity and the knowing as to when we should close old doors so that new ones may open'.
This has certainly given me something to think about...


mandy said...

Afternoon Chez....

Well we didn`t have our Post Christmas sales until midnight or more to the point 12:01 this morning....And yes silly me couldn`t resist the temptation....Did get some great bargains though and a sore ankle to go with

Do hope you are relaxing...I finally am, a lazy day installed and I can feel a nap coming on...These early morning shops don`t agree with me...

Diane Rodgers said...

Hi Cheryl,
Back home tonight from our visit with friends. Was lovely to be with them & catch up on everything.

Your wrens are just beautiful! Just the 1st time there? There is definitely a great message with their timely appearance!This fits in with the other messages you have been receiving. So much so it gives me the goosebumps...

Seems you are in for a challenge, but one in which you will overcome. Jezz is there to guide you along and he will leave what he needs to so you stay on the right path.

Not going to be easy but then what in life that is worth anything is easy?
Love and prayers to you my friend,

Starry said...

Hi Chez, I have gone back over all your posts left since I was last here, and enjoyed them. There is so much to consider about the origins of pain and of illness in our lives. Perhaps you are having illness to force you to move on and change your focus, but it is for you to discover and determine what, why, and how to heal. I am glad you have gotten back in touch with your friend from school, it probably means the world to her to hear from you.
I was wondering whether Jezz popped in my room last night after i was lying in bed, the room was filled with a male cologne type smell, only not like someone had sprayed it, it was like a natural male smell... I don't know how to describe it. I thought it might be him as I had just said my prayers, largely about you. Do you get that when he visits you at all?
Anyway, I am sending you my loving energy, and hope for good news soon, xxx Starry

diane said...

What a fabulous shot of the male and female wrens. It is intereasting to hear what the wrens mean. It must be a good omen for you. Good luck.

Chez said...

At last! I am getting back to respond to comments.
There is no doubt that when Alex and the kids arrive it is 'full' on. Family is still quite young..

It is now 5.54am and I am going to go for a walk just after 6. Think I will make myself a cup of parsley tea to get me going.

I love the way you hit the shopps..
Inspiring for someone that is not there by choice. If we could take a tablet for food I would be the first one to give it a go.

Has Matt heard anything from the girls?

Have a fun filled day LOL

Chez said...

Diane Rodgers
There is no doubt that Christmas is a blessing when we are in the company of loving family and friends. It is always the perfect time to catch up with people that mean a lot and to honour that friendship.
I decided to do another Post on my original BigPond Blog as I had formed friendships there that did not follow me here. This is a time that I full appreciate the value of friendship.
There definitely was a message from the wrens. I was so surprised when I found them in the garden for the first time on Day of the Wren that I just knew there had to be more and it was up to me to find out the meaning.
I must admit that, although this journey can be tough I am learning to live with the pain knowing that the lessons are invaluable to my spiritual growth.
Glad you are walking with me girlfriend...

Chez said...

Hi Starry
Lovely to see you here. I have missed your Posts and your Comments.
Yes! Yes! and Yes!
Move on, change focus, heal. It is all there and there are messages and lessons. There is never a day that I do not give thanks for the blessings that come into my life, knowing that I have been given the most amazing insight and the ability to listen to my body. Even with the abuse and caffeine over the past two years I feel that is what I had to do. I know enough about grief to know that if I do not deal with it it will continue to reappear until I do. Or. The other alternative! It will kill me!
Not ready for that. Yet!! Even thought there have been times that I thought it would be easy I know that I have work to do and a spirit to grow..
Bless you special friend.

Chez said...

Morning Diane
Pity that the shot of the wrens was not taken with my camera. I got it off the net. The wrens were to fast for me and we did not see a male and female together.
I found it very interesting that they arrived on 'The Day of the Wren'
Thankfully I am always out there seeking meaning.
I still have not learned how your day went with the girls.
Will check out your recent Posts now..