Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paying the Price

The Christmas tree now has butterflies. At a price!
Did a spur of the moment thing and decided to order the butterflies online as I spend very little time in the shops these days. I am quite happy at the farm and thorought enjoy the solitude of rural life.
When I was doing my one and only day of Christmas shopping on Tuesday, I noticed feather butterflies in House and Garden. I actually thought they looked a little 'cheap' as there was just a solitary wire that appeared to wrap around the tree branch.
You can imagine my surprise, and disappointment, therefore to find that I had ordered exactly the same thing online at four times the price.
I have made a definite decision to get back to ceramics and craft class as soon as possible in 2009. I can create my own butterflies knowing that I have many friends that would also appreciate them as gifts.
Below is a copy of the e-mail that I have sent off this morning. I think it tells the story.
Dear Carolyn

I am delighted to find a company that operates so efficiently.
My order arrived safely yesterday; I am thrilled to have so many butterflies adorning my Christmas tree.

I am writing to advise that one of my Jeweltone Glitter Butterflies (XATJ12A) arrived with a broken wing.
The items were very well packed so I am unsure exactly how this happened.

I was also disappointed to find that the Small Silver Glitter Butterflies for which I paid $18.50 are available in House and Garden. Normal price $4.95, currently reduced to $2.99.
I had no idea I was purchasing one and the same thing.

Although I applaud you, and appreciate the convenience of shopping online, I admit that I did order in haste and have paid the price.


Cheryl Radford


Starry said...

Hi, the butterflies look good, but it is a shame that you could have gotten them for a lot less, I don't know if they will care more is the pity.
I am not sure I am actually listed on your followers, but I do get the comments sent to my email. Tell me if I am not on your follower list and I will try to correct whatever my mistake has been.
Have a great day, hope to see you later, xxx Starry

Chez said...

Oh! Starry I can sense that we will have a few frustrations with our Blogspot sites.
I have you listed as following my blog but do not really know how to bring it up on the screen.
I have not done much playing around with it due to time constraints. Will it really be any easier after Christmas?
I am still looking for a suitable template and each time I find one, upload it only to find the HTML has errors.
If we learn anything, we can share.
Love Chez xo

Diane Rodgers said...

Hi Cheryl,
Your butterflies..... They look beautiful and they mean so much more than that! The cost doesn't matter...the cost has already been paid... the love, the memories, the meaning of the butterfly...this is what matters. Rebirth... a new life...I envy that for our sons...I wish we had the freedom they now have. The pain is gone of this world..they are in perfect peace...
Love you, and have a good day!

mandy said...

Hello Chez...
The butterflies do look lovely....
We live and learn don`t we when it comes to paying out money....
I am a great believer of actually going around to the shops myself as you can pick up some wonderful bargains....The internet is cheap for some things but not everything....
I hope that they replace the broken one for you ....

Chez said...

Good morning to you Diane. I am getting ready to go to bed and here you are leaving comments.
Yes! I agree totally with you about the butterflies. Today I realised that it is probably more to do with the fact that I could have made them myself, as I have always done. I am not used to buying Christmas decorations.
I have a bit of a 'catch up' to match the beauty of your tree this year.
I am so glad that you found your way to here.
Live life, laugh and love always

Chez said...

Morning Mandy

Guessed that you enjoyed being in the shops. I do not have the heart for it at the moment but I know that, it too, will pass.

I have bought some new clothes this year. Jezz says 'Mum, you are not grieving. Get out of black!' so I have bought some brightly coloured clothes for the first time in two years.

At last! Have finished the Christmas cards. Hoorya!!

Live life, laught and love and shop till you drop..