Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is a Time of Giving

Living in a time upon the earth when our awareness is awakening, the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas time is no exception. The giving of Christmas gifts carries commercial pressures, as well as pressure and expectations from family and friends to give in a certain way.
For too many of us this is a time that we can easily go unconscious and give into these external pressures. So as you read this message, this may be your opportunity to check inside and give some thoughtful consideration to giving gifts that reach out and really touch someone.
This can be as simple as making the gifts yourself and giving gifts that reflect what a person means to you, such as the offering of those three words 'I love you.' There are other gifts that also really make a difference. Gifts such as giving to charities and organisations that meet the needs of those that are challenged with simply giving the gift of life to themselves.
Serving others with love and extending ourselves to care for the heart, mind, body and soul of another is the true spirit of Christmas.
So, reflecting upon this, what will you give this Christmas?


mandy said...

Evening Chez....We often give to the charities especially this time of year.....
I`m always telling my family how much I love them to, sometimes just maybe too

Chez said...

Diane I have just done a Post on BigBlog telling Carla's story if you are interested.

I do think on my Blogger I will have to go back to that time....

I am looking to keep this as a record for my children.

Thanks for sharing the journey..

Chez said...

Diane you will have to forgive me for this. It is in my comments and keeps coming up. The only way I can find to get it out of there is to post it. Yet again! I did that once before and then sent it to recycle only to have it reappear every time I go to leave a comment.
The frustrations of being on L's

Chez said...

Morning Mandy
This blog is full of frustrations for me. I did respond to your comment earlier however it is nowhere to be found.
Here goes. Will try again.
It does not surprise me that you give to charities. I see that you have a generosity of spirit that I love.
You can never tell your family too often that you love them and how much they mean to you. Underneath we all love to hear those words...
God Bless you and have a beautiful day.

diane said...

Somedays there does seem to be a problem with commenting. I never know if it is me or blogger.

Loved your post. I prefer to give and I'm one of those boring people who only give practical gifts.

The best gift of all is love and understanding.
Hope you get lots this Christmas.