Monday, December 15, 2008

Candle Lighting

Last night I attendend our Candle Lighting as part of The Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting event.
At 7pm, on the second Sunday in December, candles are lit, around the world, making a wave a light as it goes through the different time zones. Truly magical!
Here I am with my gorgeous friend Sonya (on the right) as we prepare to release our balloons. Unfortunately Jeremy had other ideas. My first one burst - unexpectedly, it was the only one - and the second one had a mind of its own and escaped while I was taking photos. I went with his wishes and did not make another attempt.

Up, up and away go the balloons.

The highlight of the evening was this magnificent rainbow which appeared. We were elated as it followed a tradition which began last year with our inaugural event.
I am not going to save this Post to Draft as I usually do. I have become aware that the colour used in some of my Posts makes them a little hard to read. In my effort to correct the problem, I did some editing and saved them to Draft, only to find that I can no longer Post them. No editing until I sort out the problems.
I do apologise for the glitches that I manage to find in the system. I am finding the help I need and feel sure I will work this out. My personal thanks to Mandy and Diane. Stay close. Please!
In the meantime, please be patient with me. I am on my L's with all of this. 'The King' tells me constantly that I need help. Maybe he is right!
Live life, love and laugh always


mandy said...

Good morning Chez....

OMG how about that rainbow, just perfect....

Glad to see you are getting there with the blogging....

It`s all trial and error but we are all getting there....

Have a wonderful day Chez...

Chez said...

Morning Mandy
A big day for both of us! Good luck with your booking.
I am off to have coffee with a very dear friend. Here son's Angel Date tomorrow.
Then I see my Beauty Therapist Angie for my annual 'Make Over'
My Christmas treat to myself.
You have a wonderful day.
I find when I save to Draft it does not come onto the page as it is saved. I am a bit fed up and really think I am finding more probs here than on BigPond.
Half tempted to go back....

Griffin said...

hi i just figured out how to leave a comment, told you i would do it eventually, that is a really nice photo of you and sonya and the rainbow is just great, see things happen for a reason, right time, right place, i lit a candle and remembered jez and all the young kids that have passed away. Can't wair until we catch up looking forward to it

Chez said...

Evening Mandy
Just trying to get on top of this. Fell flat when I came home and have been in tears for some time. Sometimes after having a foot detox this can happen to me. There was certainly lots of muck in the foot bath so guess it has done something.
I am certainly learning that it does not always pay to play around with this one as there are so many settings that I do not understand.
Maybe when Christmas is over I will try to master it. I do not intend to let it win.
So glad to hear about your holiday. Great news!!
Rainbow was great!! LOL

Chez said...

Hello there my very clever daughter.
How satisfying was that to manage to work out exactly what you had to do?
I am so pleased to see you here and to know that you took the time to light a candle for our loved ones last evening.
It means a lot to me.
Big hugs for my gorgeous grandkids. Do you want a hug too?

dianeprodgers said...

oh cheryl, this was so beautiful tonight. allof it. the voice his friend heard!!! amazing, and i am a believer also! nothing can keep love away-not time-not distance-not death! i so needed this tonight! something positive to think on before bed.maybe matt will come see me and i will remember! thank you for your pages for us to read-for sharing all of you-i feel your love and jezz's too! (The BROWN was so good!)hope it all works out which i know it will. 3 a.m. now..going to bed. Nite Cheryl.feel no pain please!

diane said...

What a lovely idea with the balloons and candles and a rainbow to boot.
It must be very emotional for you. i'm glad you have friends to support you.
Sorry to hear you are having big problems with blogger. I can't quite understand what your problem is with the drafts.
They automatically save and they don't publish until you hit the publish button.
If you don't want to publish they will automatically stay on your dashboard, you just hit "Edit Posts" and the list of posts come up and you can open up the draft and then publish.
Keep trying and use the "buzz" and "help" tabs too.

Chez said...

Diane Rodgers I was thrilled to hear this story from Jeremy's friend. These are the moments that keep me going.

Waiting on delivery of a book called 'Animals Dreaming' which I am hoping will give me more meaning to the animals etc here at the farm.

We recently had an owl build a nest in the guttering at the front of the house. Apparently this is most unusual.

I am so pleased to have you taking the time to share the journey. I am so very grateful for the gift of your friendship.

Your parcel should be close...

Chez said...

Diane, I know this is probably a little hard to understand, however I am used to having difficulty with my writings when Jeremy does not find them appropriate..

Sometimes when I write, my computer screen goes black, sparks fly and it shuts down. I usually find that it will start again OK however, I have lost everything that was not saved. He certainly has his ways.

Prior to his accident I would have felt that anyone saying things like this had a problem.

Maybe I do too...